Taken (Deep Ops) by Rebecca Zanetti

Taken (Deep Ops) by Rebecca Zanetti

Author:Rebecca Zanetti
Language: eng
Format: mobi, azw3
Publisher: Kensington
Published: 2019-04-29T23:00:00+00:00

Chapter Nine

Hunter finished his fish and chips, drinking water instead of the rest of his beer. The heels had been returned to the woman wearing the too-tight jeans, and Angus Force had bought that table another round of margaritas, so everyone was happy. Especially the dog snoring beneath the table with his furry head on Faye’s tennis shoes. “Are you sure we shouldn’t take him to a vet? Alcohol kills dogs.”

Force wiped his mouth after finishing his steak. “Nope. I’ve taken him several times after he’s done something like this, and the vet says Roscoe has the liver of an old miner. We can’t explain it, so we just try to keep him away from the booze. Sorry about this time. He got out of the helicopter way too fast.”

Hunter studied Force. He didn’t like Raider being in a dangerous unit, and yet…there was something worthwhile there. Something off the wall and uncontrolled that might be good for him. And wasn’t there a comment earlier about a woman? He should get to the bottom of that.

Force drank down some beer. “I need you back, Wolfe. Today.” He gave Raider a look. “You can have as much time as you need for this, but we might have to go forward with the Irish Op without you.”

Hunter’s interest was piqued, and he took a drink of his water, watching the interchange play out.

“No,” Raider said. “She doesn’t go without me. That’s a deal breaker, Force.”


Faye leaned forward. “Just who is ‘she’?”

Leave it to Faye to ask the question. Man, sometimes Hunter adored her.

“Nobody,” Raider said, which meant the direct opposite of “nobody.”

“Wolfe?” Faye asked, turning her prettiest smile on the soldier.

Smart. Freaking brilliant. Hunter hid a smile as he studied Wolfe.

The man’s ears turned red. “Brigid is our computer hacker. She’s insanely intelligent, and—”

“Enough,” Force said, his voice firm. “We can’t discuss undercover work.”

Faye turned to Raider. “You are not going undercover. Absolutely not.”

Angus Force frowned. “Why not?”

Faye pressed her lips together and crossed her arms. Oh, she’d never betray Raider. Hunter cut his brother a quick look. Just how much of his experience had he shared with this new unit of his?

Force looked at the two of them. “Why do I get the feeling I’m missing something?”

“You’re not,” Raider said quietly. “My family is just being overprotective, which is their duty and their right. But they need to butt out and now.”

Wolfe finished his beer. “I can go undercover with Brigid. We’d make a nice couple, if you ask me. Opposites attract and all that.”

“Opposites?” Raider snapped. “You’re exactly alike. You’re both stubborn, crazy as shit, total rebels. There’s nothing opposite about you.” He downed half of his beer, his hand steady on the glass, tension sparking the air around him. “You both require a calming influence, whether you realize it or not.”

Whoa. That was a lot of emotion from Raider Tanaka. Hunter kicked back in his chair, studying his brother. Was there something about this Brigid? “I’d really like to meet this woman.


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