Summer of Sisters by Storming Nick

Summer of Sisters by Storming Nick

Author:Storming, Nick
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Fractured Press
Published: 2023-01-10T00:00:00+00:00


When the door opened, Bonnie let out a low moan, her naked legs sliding against one another as she tugged futilely at the silk ties holding her hands in place. She let out a faint little whimper as she bit her bottom lip, turning her head this way and that, letting me know the kerchief was working and she couldn’t see a thing.

The blinds had been pulled closed, and the lights turned off, and though I hadn’t told her to do so, a half dozen candles burned around the room, carefully set in holders so they wouldn’t start a fire. I took in the beautiful sight laid out before us and felt a smile tugging at my lips.

This was going to be more fun than I imagined.

Victoria was grinning as she took in Bonnie, and the blonde opened her mouth to speak, but I motioned her to silence. Reminded, she nodded and zipped a hand across her lips, telling me she would follow my instructions.

Approaching the bed, Bonnie trembled when she heard the floorboards creak, but she didn’t speak out or shift, trying to lie as still as she could. I’d theorized that Bonnie’s inhibitions were rooted in control and fear. By removing her ability to control the situation she would have to submit to the experience and push through her fears.

Victoria knew her place and slipped onto the bed, causing a stifled moan to escape Bonnie’s throat and my stepsister flinched when she felt the other woman’s skin contact hers. Victoria ignored Bonnie and turned to face me, kneeling on the edge of the bed, her ankles resting on my sister’s flat stomach like she was a piece of furniture.

“What are you…” Bonnie’s head whipped side to side as she struggled to make sense of what was going on, the headboard creaking as she twisted her arms.

The sound of Victoria’s hands on my belt, the steel clicking, and leather slapping brought another gasp from my sister and the blonde glanced down at her with a wicked grin. Winking up at me, she tugged free my belt and slowly dragged down the zipper.

“I’ve been dreaming of getting my hands on this beast for days,” Victoria purred as the jeans parted, revealing the root of my cock.

Bonnie trembled beneath the coed but other than that she remained silent and still. I could see the tension in her shoulders and prayed my guess worked; that she’d be able to relax fully if her senses were triggered one after another.

I wasn’t shy in my appreciation of Victoria as the cute blonde planted a kiss on the shaft of my cock. Her nails dragged on my thighs as she tugged down my jeans, and I hissed in pleasure when she ran her tongue down and around the head. Lips puffing out, she sucked me into her mouth with wicked sounds.


“Fuck, that’s sexy,” I breathed, and grinned when Bonnie’s ankles crossed, and her knees pressed together.

Victoria’s eyes followed mine, and she grinned around my cock.


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