Skinner's Ghosts by Jardine Quintin

Skinner's Ghosts by Jardine Quintin

Author:Jardine, Quintin [Jardine, Quintin]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Mystery
ISBN: 0747256659
Google: Jv-DGwAACAAJ
Amazon: 0755358643
Barnesnoble: 0755358643
Goodreads: 800271
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing
Published: 1998-01-02T07:00:00+00:00

them to Crown Office, and I'll meet you with the Manchester people.

Let's make it two thirty. I'l arrange for you to use the back door, to avoid the media. They'l be keeping an eye on the entrance as soon as this goes public.'

Skinner smiled again. 'I appreciate the courtesy, Archie, but bol ocks to it. I've never sneaked in the tradesman's entrance in my life, and I'm damned if I will now. The media have tons of shots of me on file. A few more won't make any difference.'

He nodded across the table. 'Thank you, Secretary of State. The next time we meet, I'l accept your apology.'

The big policeman stood up, with the briefest of nods to his Chief Constable, and walked out of the room. Outside, in the corridor, he stood at the lift doors for a few seconds, then headed for the stairs.

He stood on the first landing and waited. A few seconds later, Sir James Proud, puffing and blowing, crashed through the double doors.

'Bob, I.. .'

Skinner held up a hand. 'Jimmy, before you say anything: whatever it is that Anderson has on me, I swear to you that I know nothing about any Guernsey money, and that I have never in my life accepted as much as a bent penny.'

'You don't have to tell me that, son. Come on, let's walk.' Side by side they descended the wide stairway. 'Archie will show you the papers later,' said Proud, 'but they've got documentary evidence of an account in your name in this JZG Bank, opened a few months back, in the middle of the Jackie Charles investigation.'


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