Seducing Cinderella by Gina L. Maxwell

Seducing Cinderella by Gina L. Maxwell

Author:Gina L. Maxwell
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Tags: Category, tattoo, bad boy, gina maxwell, best friend’s little sister, Fiction / Romance, Contemporary, brazen, Romance, ugly duckling, erotic, mixed martial arts, tortured hero, entangled, series, best friend’s older brother, sexy, MMA, transformation, fighter
ISBN: 9781620612965
Publisher: Entangled Select
Published: 2012-07-20T00:00:00+00:00

Reid soaked up her innocent reaction like the desert would a long-awaited rain. He’d never been with anyone like her. He’d always dated fast and ready girls who knew what they were doing and what he was about: no-strings-attached sex.

Lucie was refreshing and so damn responsive. He loved keeping her on the edge, always wondering what he’d do next, and then shocking her—and sometimes even himself—with his next move.

He lowered himself so he was partially draped over her, but still held himself up enough that he wasn’t crushing her with his weight. She was such a little slip of a thing, fine and delicate and utterly beautiful. He couldn’t understand why she thought herself so plain.

Her soft gray eyes encompassed by a charcoal-colored ring gazed at him with the unfocused sight lust was known to induce. He brushed the fringe of her bangs to the side and noticed the tiny heart-shaped freckle. He bent his head and kissed it and her eyes fluttered shut on a sigh as he then kissed a path to her mouth.

Using pressure he encouraged her to open and swept his tongue through to find hers. The feel of her tongue sliding with his, moving over and around as their lips laid claim to the other was the headiest feeling. Her hands came up to frame his ribs and when he rocked his hips, grinding his cock against her, her fingers dug into his sides. The sharp bite of her nails scratching his skin turned him on something fierce.

The lace of her bra rasped against his sensitive nipples and he groaned as they tightened from the sensation. As good as it felt, he’d rather have it gone. Reaching behind her with one hand he expertly unhooked the clasp, pulled it off from the front, and whipped it somewhere behind him as he got his first glimpse of her bare breasts.

“Phenomenal,” he rasped. And they were.

They were the perfect size for his hand; small enough to be perky and big enough to have that curved swell on the bottom from their weight. The first thing he thought of was the need to sculpt them. He’d spend hours getting everything just right. Her small, dusky rose nipples that puckered when he circled them with the tip of his finger. The gentle slope from her delicate clavicle to the tip of her nipple. The fullness underneath that grew even more under the heat of his stare.

Not wasting another second he bent to place moist kisses around the base of a breast. She arched her back and her breathing quickened. With his tongue he drew lazy patterns, but was careful to stay away from the center, driving her closer to that edge once more. After a minute or so he inched his way closer, now tracing the outer line of her areola.

Lucie made a frustrated noise and grabbed his head, trying to direct him to her nipple, but again Reid made her wait. Though she’d never believe him, holding back from taking her breast was almost just as torturous for him.


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