Sabotage At Willow Woods by Carolyn Keene

Sabotage At Willow Woods by Carolyn Keene

Author:Carolyn Keene [Keene, Carolyn]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Aladdin
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00

Mr. Karlowski lived in a modest neighborhood up in the hills of Boylestown. I drove through the mazelike streets until I located his barn-red ranch house and saw several other beat-up cars parked on the street nearby.

“Here goes,” I said.

I turned off the ignition, and the three of us unclicked our seat belts and climbed out of the car, trying to make as little noise as possible. Barney had climbed out of an ancient black Ford down the street and gestured to us to hang tight—and stay quiet.

“Little speed bump. We have a special ally showing up with the eggs,” he whispered. “Stay put until then.”

We all nodded and climbed back into my car.

“Seriously?” George asked, annoyance edging her voice. “She didn’t even bring eggs? What kind of amateur hour is this?”

Bess looked amused. “Like you’re some great expert on egging houses?”

“If you’re going to egg a house, bring eggs. It’s simple logic!” George fired back, glaring at her cousin in the rearview mirror. “I officially doubt that these guys are involved in harassing Carrie. They’re not organized enough.”

After a few minutes a brown SUV with tinted windows pulled up and parked right in front of Barney’s car. We all watched carefully as the door opened and a dark shape climbed out, arms laden with full egg cartons. At first all we could make out was a dark profile, but then the shape moved to Barney’s window, passing under a streetlight, and knocked.

“Oh noooooo,” George whispered, watching intently, her face paling. “Oh, you have got to be kidding me. I thought this couldn’t get any worse.”

I looked to where she was looking but couldn’t see any cause for distress; the shape had morphed into an older, bulkier-looking version of Barney. This version had dark hair cropped close to his head, and he wore a rumpled-looking button-down shirt instead of a T-shirt, but the resemblance was unmistakable.

“I should have known,” George was moaning. “I should have seen the resemblance! Oh, man . . .”

I caught Bess’s eye in the rearview mirror, but she looked just as confused as I felt.

“What’s the problem here?” Bess asked. “I mean, besides the obvious Committing Vandalism in a Strange Town for Dubious Reasons problem.”

George groaned again. “I went on a date with that guy,” she said, pointing at Big Barney. “His name is Jake, and I’m guessing Barney is his brother. I think Carrie set us up, actually. It was a long time ago, but he’s going to know my name isn’t Jackie and that I don’t go to St. Mary’s.”

I was already automatically pushing the key back toward the ignition. We could make a break for it, make some stupid excuse to Eloise and Barney; Mirabelle got spooked, or I really had to use the bathroom. We could get away before anyone noticed the resemblance between Jackie and this girl Jake once went on a date with. But then I was surprised by a knock on my window. Eloise!

I swallowed hard and rolled down my window.


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