Undercover Tales by unknow

Undercover Tales by unknow

Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Gay & Lesbian
ISBN: 9780977088591
Publisher: Brisk Press
Published: 2009-11-20T09:00:00+00:00


It was more like forty-five minutes before Russ pulled into the visitor parking section at Madonna Del Mar College. I saw him select a spot, but I stayed where I was, on a well-lit stone bench with a good view of the area.

I called his cell phone. “You’re late,” I said flatly.

“Hey, don’t get grumpy with me. It’s not my fault you’re in a piss-poor mood. I missed my dinner, I’m missing the Padres playoff game, and my wife wants both of our heads on a platter.”

I sighed. “Sorry, Russ. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“Neither do I, Belinda. But I’m willing to bet that it’s because something happened between you and Keilana.”

Sometimes I was surprised at just how perceptive Russ could be. “What makes you think that?”

He chuckled softly. “You haven’t gone on and on about her all week.”

I scrubbed my chilly arms again, disgusted with myself for being so transparent. “Listen, I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Belinda, you’ll feel better if you do.”

“What’s going to make me feel better is finishing this fucking case! If nothing breaks by the end of the weekend, I’m outta here. The Poppenhouses can have their money back if they don’t like it.” Wow. The decision was made that fast. And when I mulled over the words, I found, to my delight, that I meant every single one of them.

“What the hell? How are you going to pay rent on your office and apartment? How are you going to buy kibble for Smelly if you give back everything you’ve earned?”

I stood and headed for my car. “When I left Keilana she was in a pair of sweat pants, and reading in bed.”


“Don’t Belinda me. She’s in for the night, Russ. Just make sure she doesn’t get out without you following her. I’ll pay your normal fee plus overtime.”

I heard him let out a frustrated breath. “How are you going to pay me if you give back your fee!”

“I’ll find a way.” That would mean selling something, but whatever. I was past caring.

“I don’t want your money.”

I smiled bitterly to myself. “Sure you do. It’s all about the money, isn’t it? Just business. You told me so yourself.”

“That’s not—”

I hung up before I could say any more. It wasn’t Russ’s fault that my life was such a complicated mess, but I couldn’t seem to keep from lashing out at people. I wasn’t fit for human company or conversation. Hell, even my dog was lucky to be well away from me. Maybe something would break tonight, or maybe it wouldn’t. Either way, a solitary stakeout where I could sit and think was what I needed.

Well, that and a little luck that wasn’t all bad.


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