Killer by Francine Pascal

Killer by Francine Pascal

Author:Francine Pascal
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Published: 2000-04-14T16:00:00+00:00

SAM WANDERED AIMLESSLY PAST Astor Place, choosing to avoid the crush of lower Broadway by sticking to the wide, desolate sidewalks of Lafayette. Even at rush hour this was one of the few avenues in Manhattan that wasn’t jammed with a steady stream of cabs, buses, and pedestrians. And every few minutes, in between lights, the air was actually quiet enough to allow a person to think.

One Last Thing to Say

Not that Sam was capable of thinking. Even if he were in a library—no, better yet, even if he were in one of those isolation tanks where people succumbed to hallucinations because it was so freaking quiet—even then he wouldn’t be able to think. The only thing he could do right was walk. One foot in front of the other. Over and over again. Just like a fish that had to keep moving to breathe. If he stopped for even a second, Sam felt he might die.

Strange: He used to walk all the time. Back when he was happy. Relatively happy, anyway. How long ago had that been? Four months? Six? Life had once been pretty good. Or at least halfway decent. He had an NYU scholarship, good friends, and a hot girlfriend that made him the envy of all his suite mates. Things were fairly uncomplicated. He knew where he was going and where he was likely to end up. All the pieces of his life had a way of fitting together. Perfectly.

Like a chess game.

But then he met Gaia.

As soon as he caught a glimpse of that tangled blond hair and those brooding blue eyes, Sam felt stirrings of discontentment gnawing at his insides. Something was suddenly missing. He couldn’t put his finger on it, either. No. But nothing seemed to satisfy him anymore. He couldn’t study. He zoned out whenever he was with his friends. Heather started feeling more like a burden than a girlfriend. Everything that had once mattered to him before no longer had any real meaning.

And why? That was the kicker. He had no idea. No goddamn idea whatsoever. It wasn’t as if he ever spent any long, meaningful periods of time with Gaia. Not like he had with Heather. His infatuation made absolutely no sense.

But still, he was sure that Gaia had to be in his life. Even though there was clearly no place for her. She was like the extra piece you find in the puzzle box that you don’t know how to use when you’ve put everything else together. So Sam started pushing things aside, fighting to make her fit—any way he could. And his life started falling apart in the process.

First his grades went down the tubes. Heather broke up with him, but that was to be expected. His friends started hanging out with him less—and then came that whole whacked-out situation with Mike being in the hospital....

He almost stumbled. Shit. He should really go see Mike. But he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. Facing that reality was too much to handle.


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