Peterson's Master the GRE 2014 by Moran Margaret

Peterson's Master the GRE 2014 by Moran Margaret

Author:Moran, Margaret [Moran, Margaret]
Language: eng
Format: azw3, epub
Tags: Itzy, Kickass.so
ISBN: 9780768938005
Publisher: Peterson's
Published: 2013-05-15T04:00:00+00:00


Don’t forget these four test-taking strategies listed in Chapter 1: (1) anticipate and use the clock, (2) skip and return to questions, (3) eliminate answer choices that you know are incorrect, and (4) use educated guessing.

The On-Screen Calculator

The GRE revised General Test provides you with an on-screen calculator. You may use the calculator at any point during the Quantitative Reasoning sections, but you may find it particularly useful with the numeric entry questions. Before we talk about how you may use the calculator, let’s discuss when you should and should not use it.

In general, you should use the on-screen calculator if you need to perform difficult calculations. However, most calculations on the GRE are not that complicated, so most of the time you will not need the calculator. In particular, you should not use it in the following cases:

• when the required calculations are simple to perform mentally or on scratch paper.

• when you need to give the answer as a fraction rather than a decimal (either in numeric entry questions or in multiple-choice ones).

• when estimating will suffice (for instance, in certain quantitative comparison or data interpretation questions).


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