Owain Glundwr by Breverton Terry

Owain Glundwr by Breverton Terry

Author:Breverton, Terry [Breverton, Terry]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Amberley Publishing
Published: 2012-03-22T14:58:37.965000+00:00

We have among other matters been lately informed that Oweyn de Glyndowdry has assembled his forces and those of other rebels adhering to him in great numbers; purposing to commit inroads and in case any resistance be made to him by the English, to come to battle with them, or so he vaunted to his people … wherefore we took our force and marched to a place of the said Oweyn, well built, which was his principal mansion, called Saghern (Sycharth), where we thought we should have found him if he had any inclination to fight in the manner he had said, but on our arrival we found nobody; and therefore caused the whole place to be burned and several other houses near it belonging to his tenants.


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