New Additions by J.A. Armstrong

New Additions by J.A. Armstrong

Author:J.A. Armstrong [Armstrong, J.A.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: J.A. Armstrong Books
Published: 2015-11-16T19:00:00+00:00

Chapter Five

“Spencer! Spence!” Jameson called through the house. She could hear Spencer’s laughter in the distance. He loved this game. At the moment, Jameson found herself wishing two things: that she and Candace had never thought to start this insanity, and that Candace were home to put an end to it. “God, how did she manage three of them?” Jameson muttered.

Jameson heard the front door open and close. “Spencer?” she heard Laura’s voice ask in questioning. “What are you doing under the sofa?”

“Shhh!” Jameson heard Spencer scold Laura. “Jay Jay will hear you!”

“Ohhhh…I get it…Shhhh…You are hiding from Jameson,” Laura said. “No worries.” Laura started through the house. “I wonder where Jameson and Spencer are?” she said loudly. Spencer scurried back under the sofa, his feet dangling out the back. Laura laughed and looked down at the infant in her arms. “Is that would I have to look forward to?” she asked her son. Little Jameson stretched and yawned. “Mm. Great,” she said as she entered the kitchen to greet an evidently frazzled Jameson.

“Thanks for finding Spence,” Jameson said.

“No problem. It wasn’t hard though. His feet were hanging out,” Laura explained. Jameson chuckled and rolled her eyes. “Crazy morning?” Laura guessed.

“Crazy life,” Jameson answered. She placed a cookie sheet in the oven and closed the door.

“Baking cookies?” Laura asked.

“No, chicken nuggets,” Jameson replied.

“Ahh…A Spencer delicacy.”

“Yeah. I think he gets it from his Nana,” Jameson said. “He asked for Chinese food for breakfast. This was the compromise.”

Laura laughed. “That is hereditary?”


“Shit. I am in so much trouble,” Laura mumbled.

Jameson started laughing just as Spencer’s voice called out again. “Jay Jay! Can’t find me!”

Little Jameson took that opportunity to make his presence known with a loud wail. “Oops, guess someone is awake,” Laura said. “Better go see to mini-you,” she told Jameson.

Jameson peered down at the infant and smiled. “He’s much better looking than me,” she said. Laura chuckled and offered Jameson a small wave as she left the room.

“Jay Jay!” Spencer yelled again.

Jameson closed her eyes, took a deep breath and let it out slowly, and looked upward. “Give me strength,” she implored the ceiling. “Shit. Is that a crack?”

“Jay Jay!”

Jameson rolled her eyes. “Now, where is Spencer?” she called out. “Spencer! Spencer!” she began making her way through the house, pretending to be at a complete loss. “I will get through this. I won’t break them,” she muttered between bursts of Spencer’s laughter and calling his name. “I promise, I won’t break them. Spencer!”


“Why is that a good idea?” Candace asked Michelle.

Michelle sighed. She adored her mother, but she learned a bit every day that working for Senator Reid was a challenge. Candace was fair, but demanding. And, Candace, while she listened intently, was equally forthright in her opinions. In the end, Candace called the shots. Michelle had come to learn that her mother had many dimensions. Candace Reid was a force to be reckoned with politically. She understood the landscape of domestic and international politics better than anyone Michelle had ever met.


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