Mockingjay (The Final Book of the Hunger Games) - Library Edition by Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay (The Final Book of the Hunger Games) - Library Edition by Suzanne Collins

Author:Suzanne Collins
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Tags: Performing Arts, Contests, Survival Stories, Action & Adventure, Insurgency, Juvenile Fiction, Social Issues, Fantasy & Magic, Fiction, Science Fiction, Interpersonal Relations, Television programs, General, Survival, Survival skills, Television & Radio
ISBN: 9780545310604
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Published: 2010-09-01T02:24:24.156000+00:00


The implications of what Gale is suggesting settle quietly around the room. You can see the reaction playing out on people's faces. The expressions range from pleasure to distress, from sorrow to satisfaction.

"The majority of the workers are citizens from Two," says Beetee neutral y.

"So what?" says Gale. "We'l never be able to trust them again."

"They should at least have a chance to surrender," says Lyme.

"Wel , that's a luxury we weren't given when they fire-bombed Twelve, but you're al so much cozier with the Capitol here," says Gale. By the look on Lyme's face, I think she might shoot him, or at least take a swing. She'd probably have the upper hand, too, with al her training. But her anger only seems to infuriate him and he yel s,

"We watched children burn to death and there was nothing we could do!"

I have to close my eyes a minute, as the image rips through me. It has the desired effect. I want everyone in that mountain dead. Am about to say so. But then...I'm also a girl from District 12. Not President Snow. I can't help it. I can't condemn someone to the death he's suggesting. "Gale," I say, taking his arm and trying to speak in a reasonable tone. "The Nut's an old mine. It'd be like causing a massive coal mining accident." Surely the words are enough to make anyone from 12 think twice about the plan.

"But not so quick as the one that kil ed our fathers," he retorts. "Is that everyone's problem? That our enemies might have a few hours to reflect on the fact that they're dying, instead of just being blown to bits?"

Back in the old days, when we were nothing more than a couple of kids hunting outside of 12, Gale said things like this and worse. But then they were just words. Here, put into practice, they become deeds that can never be reversed.

"You don't know how those District Two people ended up in the Nut," I say. "They may have been coerced.

They may be held against their wil . Some are our own spies. Wil you kil them, too?"

"I would sacrifice a few, yes, to take out the rest of them," he replies. "And if I were a spy in there, I'd say,

'Bring on the avalanches!'"

I know he's tel ing the truth. That Gale would sacrifice his life in this way for the cause--no one doubts it.

Perhaps we'd al do the same if we were the spies and given the choice. I guess I would. But it's a coldhearted decision to make for other people and those who love them.

"You said we had two choices," Boggs tel s him. "To trap them or to flush them out. I say we try to avalanche the mountain but leave the train tunnel alone. People can escape into the square, where we'l be waiting for them."

"Heavily armed, I hope," says Gale. "You can be sure they'l be."

"Heavily armed. We'l take them prisoner," agrees Boggs.

"Let's bring Thirteen into the loop now," Beetee suggests.


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