India's Ancient Past by R.S. Sharma

India's Ancient Past by R.S. Sharma

Author:R.S. Sharma
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Publisher: OUP India
Published: 2006-09-17T18:30:00+00:00



4 C The elements of the mid-Gangetic material culture started to spread to northern Bengal, Kalinga, Andhra, and Karnataka. The Nandas of Magadha are said to have conquered Kalinga.

3 C Conquest of Kalinga by Ashoka. Rise of Sisupalgarh settlement.

232 The Magadhan empire began to disintegrate.

247–10 Date of Shih Huang Ti, the ruler of China.

220 The Great Wall of China was constructed by the Chinese ruler Shih Huang Ti to shield his empire against attacks.

206 The Greeks invaded India.

200 Steel objects of around this time found in the mid-Gangetic plains.

185 The Maurya empire finally destroyed by Pushyamitra Shunga.


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