Her Deadly Angels (The Seven Sinners of Hell's Kingdom Book 2) by Ginna Moran

Her Deadly Angels (The Seven Sinners of Hell's Kingdom Book 2) by Ginna Moran

Author:Ginna Moran [Moran, Ginna]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Sunny Palms Press
Published: 2021-01-02T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 15

Death at the Door


THE DIGITAL CLOCK on the oven changes to three, and I hunch over my empty plate, wishing that someone would come home soon. Home. It’s fucking weird to think that I’m now sharing a huge-ass mansion with evil bastards who have made it their sole purpose to free me of my demonic contract. I should be happy. It’s what I’ve wanted. But then again, I can’t help wondering at what cost. No one has told me in any extensive detail why it’s important apart from that I was a fuckup to bargain away my soul to begin with.

Don’t get me started on the fallen angel and soulmate bullshit. Because damn. I must’ve really loved Raven to have given her part of my former angelic essence. I only wish I could remember more. I never even believed in reincarnation. It’s a lot to think about, but being alone for hours to watch the night drag on to early morning has been plenty enough. I can’t sleep comfortably without pain meds, because my chest rattles and aches, and every time I cough, I feel as if my lungs will fall out. I hate how much better I feel from Dante’s bite, because now all I can do is think about him sinking his teeth into me. It’s strange as fuck. I don’t even like the asshole. But the relief? It’s better than the painkillers. I feel alive instead of drugged.

Finally getting my ass to move, I pop my dirty plate into the dishwasher and swig water straight from the tap because I couldn’t find any glasses. It’s obvious these demonic hell raisers don’t eat mortal food by the lack of basically anything useful. Poor Raven has probably been surviving on cheese sandwiches, which has to change. I prefer some damn meat depending on how I feel. All I know is that I don’t want to keel over with my last meal being something substandard in my mind.

Strolling to the grand staircase, I slowly climb up instead of taking the outrageous elevator. Call me paranoid, but I don’t know what kind of evil bullshit Kase and Dante—and now the new guy Micah, who looked ready to toss me into a wall—attract to their bastardly lair. I will not get trapped in an elevator if some man-eating ghost or some shit invades the place with the beasts away. No damn thank you.

I rest for a moment on the landing overlooking the badass living room. I’ve never watched TV on a screen that takes up the width of an entire wall with surround sound positioned in a way that startled me when I flicked it on the show Raven sucked me into. The woman sure loves her TV, and it speaks to the part of me that just wants to spend the rest of my days curled up with a beautiful woman until the gates of Hell drag me in. At least it’s something. It’s strange how Raven’s presence calls me to her, especially knowing what I do now.


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