Han Solo At Stars End by Daley Brian

Han Solo At Stars End by Daley Brian

Author:Daley, Brian [Daley, Brian]
Language: eng
Format: azw3, epub
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00

Han spun, pulling his blaster. “Hands off. I mean it.”

Rekkon saw by his eyes that he did indeed; Han would kill anyone who stood between himself and Chewbacca. The broad black hands fell away.

Gun in hand, Han went off toward the mass of Espos.

He couldn’t tell just how Rekkon hit him then. Han’s whole spinal column seemed to light up, and a blinding paralysis descended on him.

Perhaps it was a nerve-punch, or a blow to a spot selected for its hydro-static shock value. In any case, Han dropped like an unstrung puppet.

The harvester, moving much more quickly now, circled back at the Espos.

They fired on it, but the giant machine, an uncomplicated device, was difficult to stop with small-arms fire. Unimportant pieces of plating and cutter blade were shot away, but the harvester ground on. Several Espos, failing to move quickly enough in the thick grain, vanished into its cavernous mouth.

Max had finally seen Chewbacca’s predicament and moved in to give the Wookiee an opportunity to jump back aboard. But Chewbacca, his arms and legs dangling limply, was now being rushed away by a squad of Espos.

Max couldn’t go after them for fear of injuring Chewbacca with the clumsy harvester. Moreover, the Espos’ fire was becoming more concentrated.

Blue Max wished desperately that Bollux were there to tell him what to do; the computer didn’t feel that he’d been operative long enough to make docisions like this one. But with no other apparent option, Max recognized that he must go join the others. He headed the ponderous harvester around, cut out its speed governor, and gunned it for all it was worth.


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