Half the Blood Of Brooklyn (2008) by Charlie - Joe Pitt 03 Huston

Half the Blood Of Brooklyn (2008) by Charlie - Joe Pitt 03 Huston

Author:Charlie - Joe Pitt 03 Huston [Huston, Charlie - Joe Pitt 03]
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Published: 2011-03-25T13:59:27+00:00

He moves the hand.

Well, yeah.

I put my hand on the hogleg.

You said yousaw her alive.

He wipes his mouth, smiles.

Well, it was awful chaotic with the blood and the fire and the killin' and all that was goin' on. Could be I confused things a bit.

Vendetta jumps and flops her body across my lap and hits my gun hand and the hogleg falls into the step well and she starts flailing her hands and flicking the headlights on and off and slapping the horn. I put my left elbow in the back of her neck and reach for the stake on the dash and Stretch's teeth go into my right thigh. I kick and grab his head with both hands and wrench it to the side and he comes off with a mouthful of my leg, spitting it and hissing and vomiting from the taste of the Vyrus and I throw him in the back of the van as headlights shoot through the windshield and something huge and heavy barrels into us and the door next to me crumples and Vendetta is tossed from my lap across the cab into the other door. I reach down into the step well and Stretch slams into the back of my seat and crawls over the top of it and drops on my bent back. People are piling out of the big cars that have us boxed at the curb. I stand and the hole in my leg is jammed into the steering wheel and I pound Stretch into the roof and reach and my fingers find the stake on the dash and I shove it into the meat between Vendetta's shoulder and neck as she flies back across the cab at me. Her velocity carries her into me and I fall back into the crushed door and Stretch is slashed on the shards of glass that are all that's left of the driver's side window. I still have hold of the stake and I twist it and wrench it down and Vendetta's collarbone snaps and the ends tear through her skin as I pull the stake out and her blood sprays the windshield red, the headlights glowing through it.


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