Fields of Logic and Computation III by Unknown

Fields of Logic and Computation III by Unknown

Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9783030480066
Publisher: Springer International Publishing

As a warm-up for our core results, we prove here a structure property of the monoid . This property quickly leads to a polynomial time algorithm for Check-Id().

Let be the ideal of consisting of its nonidentity diagrams, that is, of the 13 diagrams shown in Fig. 4. We consider the following ‘cutting’ map : if a diagram has no t-wires, fixes it; if a diagram has two t-wires, cuts the t-wires and then connects the loose ends, forming one new -wire and one new r-wire, see Fig. 5 for an illustration. More formally, the action of on a diagram with two t-wires amounts to:connecting the left points of the t-wires with an -wire;


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