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f603820e5a7d7da967937c688f8c3def by Unknown

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However, the instant the words reached the ears of the paralyzed Juke and Sergei, involuntary cries of appreciation rang out in the depths of their hearts. They understood. D, the gorgeous warrior, was not afraid. For he, too, was a fiend.

“I shall not let you pass”, General Gaskell replied after some consideration. “As for why that is, it appears the goal of those of us who’ve been brought back to life is to slay you.” “It appears?” said the hoarse voice.

“You come after me without even knowing why?” asked D. His eyes were still closed.

Gaskell’s expression—or the half of it that was visible—was tinged with suffering.

D asked, “Why have you come back, General Gaskell?” “That I do know. It was a promise made to me by the Sacred Ancestor.” “A promise?” “Yes. I can’t recall it too well, but before I was destroyed, the Sacred Ancestor and I made an agreement about my revival. My stipulation was that he would be sure to bring me back to the world of the living. The timing of that revival I left to the Sacred Ancestor. However, at that time, the Sacred Ancestor added his own condition. Aha!” he exclaimed, his already intense expression twisting with glee. Just one look at it would be enough to make birds fall from the sky and lions faint dead away. “Now I remember! Yes, the Sacred Ancestor placed a condition on my revival. That after I’d been brought back to life, I had to do one task for him. Ah, now, for the first time, I understand. That’s what this is. Surely it must be to dispose of you.” Sheathed in black, the general’s right hand went for the hilt of his longsword. Then he knit his brow.

“But, wait a moment. I was sure I…”

“I had heard General Gaskell had discovered a way to return to life through his own power”, D said as if offering the words he sought.

“Why did you rely on the Sacred Ancestor’s power instead of using that?” Perhaps he was searching for the answer to D’s query, or he might’ve sought the solution to some puzzle of his own, but Gaskell was covered in a tense silence from head to toe. Lips thick enough to crush a rock finally spat the words that came from him like a creak. “Ah, yes. By my own power, I wasn’t able to determine the timing of my revival… I had no idea when I might come back to life. However, the Sacred Ancestor could have it occur whenever he wished.

When I agreed to this, it was with the wish that I come back as soon as possible—within a millennium at least.”

“Was it the same with the other Nobles?” “Probably, although I haven’t asked them about it. But none of them would’ve known how to revive themselves.” Nevertheless, Baron Schuma, Madame Laurencin, and the Duke of Xenon had all come back to life, assembled under Gaskell, and were now fighting tooth and nail over who would face D.


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