Captive to the Dark by Alaska Angelini

Captive to the Dark by Alaska Angelini

Author:Alaska Angelini [Angelini, Alaska]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2014-03-07T07:00:00+00:00

Chapter 12


The battle played heavily on Mary’s face as she looked down at our bags. We were packed and ready to go. The baroque embossed dress Mary wore hugged to her curves perfectly. The red color made her beauty shine. The moment she had walked out of the restroom from getting ready, I did a double take from my desk. The high neckline covered her bite marks and bandaged chest, and the length went all the way past her knees.

She stood there in the four inch black Jimmy Choo’s just staring at the three suitcases that held her clothes. The natural make-up she wore made her face glow. She was gorgeous. Stunning, even. If she would have walked through my building looking as she did now, no doubt I would have gone after her. Shit, who was I kidding? I would have even if she’d been wearing jeans and a T-shirt. There was something about her that pulled me in. My attraction to her was uncontrollable.

“I’m not going to go.” Mary’s hand pushed against her stomach. “I can’t. You want to show me off and I’m afraid if that were to happen, my father will figure out what we’re doing. He might try to keep Lily or call the whole thing off. I can’t risk being the cause of that.”

For her to care about someone she didn’t even know to the extent that she was had me walking toward her. Such a big heart my Mary had.

“He will not call it off. I have a plan.” I pulled Mary in front of the dresser, wrapping my arm around her from behind. “If we call the authorities, tell them there’s been a mistake. That you haven’t been killed in a boating accident, that you’ve been with me, then that covers our ass, legally. We’ll go in. You can talk to them. We’ll tell them we’ve been on a romantic getaway here at my place in Washington. We hadn’t even heard the news. Your father will no doubt say he couldn’t get ahold of you so he didn’t know we were together. It’s perfect.”

I pulled her hair back off of her shoulder, kissing her neck. “As for your father, I have a week or two left before you have to leave. You’re innocent in me wanting to show you a good time. After all, he has every intention of marrying you off. I’ll tell him you needed enjoyment before you’re shackled to that piece of shit, Jordan. You don’t have a choice. We’ll meet him for dinner. You’re to look down almost the whole time. Show him who you take your orders from. He’ll believe it.”

Mary turned in my arms and looked straight ahead at my chest. “Are you sure this will work?”

Her not looking at me was driving me crazy. I lifted her face. “Who am I? Of course it’s going to work. I get what I want and in this case, it’s for me and you to have a good time before this switch.


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