Brooklyn Sinners 04 - Sinner's Fall (MM) by Avril Ashton

Brooklyn Sinners 04 - Sinner's Fall (MM) by Avril Ashton

Author:Avril Ashton [Ashton, Avril]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2013-08-14T04:00:00+00:00

Chapter Five

They didn’t get the chance to really sit and talk, finish the conversation they’d begun at knife point in Tommy’s kitchen. Tommy sat at his computer, fingers flying over the keys as he put the finishing touches on the website he’d built for Condi’s. Mateo had called Pablo and filled him in on what they’d learned from the agents.

Tommy shook his head.

It really was a small world, wasn’t it? And no matter how far he’d run from Brooklyn and the violence of gang life, he was once again immersed in it up to his eyeballs. He’d had no problems working for Los Pescadores, the men treated him fairly and he’d been relatively removed from the day-to-day goings-on. He’d been behind locked doors with bulletproof glass. He’d been spared the gory scenes he knew Mateo and Pablo and the rest swam in all day, every day.

Yes, he’d been thankful to not have to deal with all that. To be able to live a somewhat normal life, but Mateo’s reappearance dredged it all back to the surface. Sure, the gang was disbanded. He had no idea what Mateo did with his days now, no idea how he filled his empty hours.

Nameless and faceless fucks?


He’d pushed Mateo this morning, pushed for something he thought would’ve been a no-go. Mateo bottom for him? He’d expected the other man to scoff and shoot him down. There’d been the initial fear in Mateo’s eyes, but he hadn’t said no.

He hasn’t said yes, either.

Maybe he’d thought Tommy was a bottom boy. Maybe he could be, but what Tommy knew after the couple guys he’d dared get busy with was he liked being on top. Liked it enough to proposition Mateo. He’d been scared out of his mind as he dragged the knife over Mateo’s throat while posing the question.

He couldn’t believe that was him, holding a knife to Mateo’s throat. Shit, he couldn’t believe Mateo let him. The other man continued to call him kid, continued to look at him as someone who needed to be helped, to be taken care of. Tommy liked that, sure, but he wanted to lose control, to watch someone else lose control because of him, his touch. Mateo might not be aware of it, but he treated Tommy as a victim. He damn sure considered him a victim, subconsciously at least.

Tommy had been through way too many therapy sessions, sat through way too many hours of psychobabble bullshit not to recognize it. He was better, he knew that deep down. He’d never truly be over the damage of being held captive, of being hurt so deeply. The person who was supposed to protect him betrayed his trust. It wasn’t Tommy’s fault. He’d long since stopped hurting himself and he knew how to deal with the need that arose in him, especially in the middle of the night when sleep refused to put in an appearance. When his restless dreams brought the memories to the forefront of his mind. In those moments he’d sit in the middle of his big empty bed and replay his one night with Mateo.


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