The Terrorist: HIS PAIN HAS MADE HIM A DEADLY WEAPON by Juggi Bhasin

The Terrorist: HIS PAIN HAS MADE HIM A DEADLY WEAPON by Juggi Bhasin

Author:Juggi Bhasin [Bhasin, Juggi]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9788184756319
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Published: 2012-03-31T18:30:00+00:00


An entire section of Badami Bagh looked like a soda can whose top had been prised open with force and then thrown away crumpled and useless. The outhouse building lay flattened on the ground right down to the iron girders rising up from the ground to support the structure. The severity of the blast triggered by Azhar in his dying moments was so intense that a substantial chunk of the armoury kept in the outhouse had been completely destroyed. A thousand fires had broken out and the exposed ammunition continued to explode with a mind of its own. A few survivors from the blast, bodies stripped of any clothing, half burnt and blackened, skin peeling, emerged from the devastation walking in a daze. They gave rise to hope that there were some survivors inside, but scores inside had already been killed, many of them still in their beds.

Murad moved like lightning towards the officers’ quarters, assembling his assault weapon, strapping a spare magazine to the existing one with tape, knowing fully well that he had a clearance time of less than a few minutes before he could make good his escape to the hills behind Badami Bagh. Men shocked and unable to collect themselves were moving with no purpose in the quarters as Murad entered the two storey building. Murad moved his weapon with deadly purpose and cut down the men before him in short bursts and moved up fast to the second floor. He hardly encountered any return fire as ill prepared men were cut to ribbons before his deadly salvoes. On the wooden floor above him he could hear the stomping of boots; to clear passage he tossed a grenade above. Two jawans who had taken up firing positions on the floor above were shredded to bits by the blast and a huge hole opened up in the floor above. The hole in the floor gave Murad a view of the room at the end of the balcony where the Major General was holed up with other officers.

A brief lull followed when it appeared all firing had stopped. Murad could only hear frenzied shouts from below. Murad knew this was a dangerous moment. The officers were gathering themselves and had thrown a secure cordon around the Major General. Reinforcements, sooner than later, would reach the floor above him. His objective was to confuse the enemy about his real strength and then move in for the kill. Murad moved across the length of the floor and began firing in all directions except towards the room at the end. The officers above peppered the entire corridor with gunfire except the vantage position directly below them where Murad quickly taped two grenades together. Sliding the assault weapon inside his uniform against the small of his back, Murad removed the firing pins and then in one fluid motion flung the grenades in an arc above him and dived into the canal waters flowing behind the officer’s complex. Even before he could break


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