The Complete Book of Business Plans by Joseph A. Covello

The Complete Book of Business Plans by Joseph A. Covello

Author:Joseph A. Covello [Covello, Joseph A.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9780942061413
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
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Next, explain your sales strategies, including how you plan to sell your products and services to the customer, how you will provide customer support throughout the sales process, and what your Unique Selling Advantage is along with any other relevant information that you feel may be important. Begin with a heading of “Sales Strategies” or “Selling Tactics” or with a heading that is appropriate to the benefit you are emphasizing.

Sales Strategies

Our sales strategies are to sell our products through several sales channels, including executive selling, a direct sales force, distributors, mail order and direct response cards, telemarketing, and joint marketing relationships.

Because our customers tend to be highly conscientious about spending large amounts of money, it is important that our company president and senior managers present our products and services to our customers on occasion. The majority of sales will be generated through direct sales by our outside sales staff. We anticipate hiring ten additional sales representatives to cover additional territories and markets to sell specific products.

We have chosen to use a direct sales force because our products and services require considerable customer education and post-sales support directly from our company. Our sales price point, cost structure, and profits are such that our system allows sales to be handled on an individual basis in this manner.

One of the key elements designed into the marketing plan is the targeting of distributors who will buy our products and then sell them to homeowners. It will be important to select existing distribution channels with the right customer base and staffed with professionals possessing appropriate backgrounds. This strategic marketing approach takes full advantage of the tremendous momentum inherent in the fact that these professionals are involved with parallel products and services. They already have expertise in the industry and have been practicing in their field for a long time.

By operating within these distribution channels in this manner, we feel that we can maintain control of our market and we can generate growth at a reasonable pace and obtain excellent sales results.

Customer Service

Historical data shows that our customers emphasize superior customer service as a major concern for them. They are consistently impressed with the support we provide, especially our hotline service, currently available to all customers who are enrolled in a maintenance support program. Also, we provide free post-sale consultations for customers to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, these consultations allow us to increase sales by gaining customer referrals and repeat business.

Returns and Cancellation Policy

Currently, general trade policy for handling cancellations is to provide a full refund of any down payment if a cancellation occurs within three business days of the signing of the contract. For product already shipped, refunds are made only on the price of the product and applicable taxes, and the refund does not include shipping costs. Credit card refunds are credited to the customer’s account and cash or check payments are refunded within thirty days of receipt of returned merchandise in good condition.


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