Steaks and Suspects by Gretchen Allen

Steaks and Suspects by Gretchen Allen

Author:Gretchen Allen [Allen, Gretchen]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Summer Prescott Books
Published: 2019-10-12T22:00:00+00:00

“Go.” Luke waved her off, shaking his head.

“Thanks!” Joss called, dashing off to the office to look at the email from Kate.

Nothing glaring popped out as Joss had hoped, but she did find out that Mrs. Krispin had told the truth, her family had built the house she lived in, and no one had ever lived there but her relatives, none of them having the name Lilly. She’d also learned Lilly’s last name and that no one by the name of Lilly was related to Christopher or Isa, and maybe that meant she could check Lilly off the suspect list for Isa’s murder, assuming she was murdered. There were a lot of assumptions, and Joss knew what the saying was, but one thing that stood out, one thing that made her feel better about looking into everything was the last bit of information in the email. Joss wasn’t even certain what made her ask Kate about it, a hunch was all she could say.


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