Star Force: Origin Series Box Set (73-76) by Aer-ki Jyr

Star Force: Origin Series Box Set (73-76) by Aer-ki Jyr

Author:Aer-ki Jyr [Jyr, Aer-ki]
Language: eng
Format: azw3
Publisher: Archon Lore
Published: 2016-04-12T16:00:00+00:00



February 24, 2933

Gvaris System (lizard territory)


Sara-012 sat in the nexus onboard her warship, not heavily engaged in anything but keeping an eye on the fleets while they were in orbit of the lizard world sitting too far up the gravity well for the enemy’s anti-orbital batteries to reach them and already having beaten the massive lizard fleet that was on station here. It had taken more than a week to get through the naval battle, for this system was one of the extremely valuable dots connecting the lizard core worlds and their holdings in the chunk they’d bitten out of Skarron territory.

The Voku and Preema had likewise carved a huge chunk of territory out of the far side of lizard territory all the way over to the midline that Cal-com had agreed upon. They stopped there, expanding their wedge of conquest laterally and, in the case of the Preema, all the way to the coreward edge of the galactic arm in order to try and get ahead of the lizard spread there. The ships they were devoting to actually aiding the Skarrons were limited on the far side, but they were taking names and kicking ass all along the closest border to Preema territory and leaving a swath of empty systems for the Voku and others to keep unoccupied.

Star Force had likewise been pressing towards the midline while the H’kar were headed rimward. In truth Star Force was attacking on multiple fronts, but their emphasis was on getting at least a strand of systems out to the midline so they could connect with the Voku and establish a firm linkage while severing what the lizards had. While there were hundreds of systems along the ‘middle’ of enemy territory, the lizards had been fortifying a single line through, expecting to lose the others.

This one had been so well fortified navally that even the huge Star Force fleet Sara had brought with her and Kiran-011 had had its hands full. They’d chewed threw more than a million enemy ships by the time it was done, losing a third of their drones in the process, including six of the new Ravager-class warships that Paul had designed. Each year that passed saw them getting smaller and smaller as the techs refined the Dre’mo’don specs, but the ones that she had in her fleet were among the oldest versions…though still damn more powerful than any of the other drones.

She had 11 left and Kiran had 8, plus 182 Warship-class jumpships between them and 4 command ships, not to mention the supply and transport fleet that was fueling the ground invasion. There were two inhabited planets in this system plus a scattering of outposts and Star Force had chosen to go for the biggest of them first. Right now Sara was keeping an eye on events below, as well as the relatively quiet orbit. There were still some lizard ships out there, she knew, sneaking around the system. If they slipped up she’d get them, but they were no threat to her fleet.


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