RoshiDere v06 by SUNSUNSUN

RoshiDere v06 by SUNSUNSUN

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Rewinding back a bit to the time when Masachika and the others were having their last rehearsal. Having left their work as executive committee members to other committee members, Touya and Chisaki were greeting the Raikokai, the biggest VIPs of the festival.

“Welcome to our school. I am the current student body President, Touya Kenzaki-san.”

“And I am Chisaki Sarashina, the Vice President.”

Gathered in the student council room, which was currently set up for visitors, were a group of past student body Presidents and Vice Presidents, the Rakokai. Among them was the president of Taniyama Heavy Industries, Sayaka’s father.

“And ...... you are Gensei Suou-san, right? I am familiar with Yuki-san as we often work closely together in the student council.”

“I see.”

Then, there was also Masachika and Yuki’s grandfather, Gensei.

“I’ll show you around the school. Please come this way.”

After a heart-wrenching self-introduction to a group of powerful alumni, Touya began to show them around the school festival.

As he stepped out into the hallway, students who had noticed the Raikokai members made surprised faces before quickly clearing the way.

Even though they may have been tempted to at least say hello to one of the biggest figures in the political and business world[2], whom they have usually only seen on TV or in magazines, they were not allowed to do so.

This was because there was an unwritten rule that students were not allowed to talk to the visiting Raikokai during the school festival. Only the student body President and Vice President were allowed. Instead, other students are only allowed to talk when spoken to, first. Naturally, they were not allowed to form a circle around them or take pictures.

The guests from outside who come as invited guests were to also abide by this rule, either because they were told by other visiting alumni of the school, or because they have been strictly instructed to do so by the invitees.

So, even though there were no particular organizers or bodyguards, the tour went very smoothly.

“Oh my...... We didn’t have greenhouses like that when I was in school.”

“Yes, that one was donated by an alumnus to the gardening and flower arrangement clubs eight years ago.”

“I see, so you grow the floral materials used for flower arrangement there?”

“That’s right.”

“Oh...... Come to think of it, who was it that donated a ring for the boxing club?”

“Ah, that would be President Tamura from Forestine. I’ve heard that he is a big boxing fan himself.”

“Ah, Forestin’s...... I see.”

Looking out the window toward the greenhouse, Touya answered the questions coming from Rakokai without hesitation. Of course, he was only being confident on the outside, but inwardly he was already nervous about what questions would come next. To tell the truth, he was so nervous that he felt like throwing up at any moment.

Originally, Touya was not that thick-skulled. On the contrary, until just a year and a half ago, he was considered so timid and mentally weak that he could not even fathom the idea of finding himself in this situation.

He lacked self-confidence and always felt looked down upon and ridiculed by those around him.


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