Reaper's Order (Founders Series Book 1) by Mari Dietz

Reaper's Order (Founders Series Book 1) by Mari Dietz

Author:Mari Dietz [Dietz, Mari]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-10-20T05:00:00+00:00



Emilia furrowed her brow as she shaped the glass. If Vic were here, she would point out the fact that she would get a permanent wrinkle. This piece didn’t want to cooperate. She had to finish it today. There was only today.

Emilia bit her lip until it pinched painfully, but finally, under her wand, the last strand fell into place on the statue’s face. The eyes were the hardest, and she wanted to get this one right.

Arms crossed, she stepped back to admire her largest work yet. A smile spread as she gazed at the sculpture. One lone tear traced down her cheek, and she swiftly wiped it away.

Sisters. A simple title, but that’s what the piece showed. The form closest to her showed Vic in all her glory, her red hair flying around her face. The light reflected through the glass, making it shine from within. Her eyes, always looking forward, had the same fire in them, and her lips were parted in a joyful laugh. Emilia hadn’t heard this carefree laugh in a long time, but the memory had stayed with her. In her artwork, she could give Vic the freedom she’d always wanted.

The statue of Vic captured her motion and her passion. However, while the statue looked forward, she also reached back. The long, clear arm stretched toward her sister. Emilia had never made herself before, but unlike Vic, the statue of Emilia showed a calmness. Her eyes gazed at her sister, not in the direction they traveled, and she had a soft, sad smile on her lips. She reached for her sister, but with an artistic eye, you could see she’d already let go of Vic’s hand, letting her sister go. She understood what Vic wanted, but she couldn’t give it to her. Even if it meant she would never see her sister again, she would devote her life to keeping her safe. Her sister saw her as delicate, but Emilia would prove to her that she was strong.

An ache formed in Emilia’s chest. She slapped her cheeks.

“I need to get ready,” she told herself and glanced around her room. There wasn’t much to prepare. The glass windows made her room, filled with molded glass shapes of all colors, light and airy. Vic had sometimes teased that her room reminded her of an exploded rainbow. Thoughts of her sister hurt. She should have spent her last weeks with her, but Vic had made choices for both of them. Now there was no time left.

Emilia had always been the quiet one, but her art showed more emotion than she ever let out. I can’t let them out.

If Vic saw her hesitate, she would drag her somewhere and tie her up. Emilia sighed at her sister’s overprotective nature.

One wall held containers of different colored sand. She traced her fingers through the grains. The feel of sand always comforted her. Emilia stepped back. It would be better to leave it all behind. She didn’t know what she’d need, but her relic warmed her hand.


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