Prime by Jeremy Robinson & Sean Ellis

Prime by Jeremy Robinson & Sean Ellis

Author:Jeremy Robinson & Sean Ellis [Robinson, Jeremy & Ellis, Sean]
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
ISBN: 9780988672536
Amazon: 0988672537
Publisher: Breakneck Media
Published: 2013-06-28T22:00:00+00:00


Can this night get any worse? Zelda Baker thought to herself as King, Tremblay and Somers climbed into the van. King shouted for her to drive, a bit louder than necessary, she thought, but she chalked it up to adrenaline. Things clearly had not gone well inside Building Two, and it did not escape her notice that they were short one man. She didn’t ask. If Silent Bob wasn’t with King, it meant he wasn’t coming back. Period. Full stop. End of story.

Zelda stomped the accelerator and cranked the steering wheel around. The van’s tires threw gravel as it carved out a wide U-turn and headed back toward the gates—or more precisely, the gateposts, since she’d flattened the actual moving parts of the perimeter defense a few moments earlier.

She spied movement in the rearview mirror. The things Somers had taken to calling ‘frankensteins’ were regrouping and giving chase, but even at a full run, they couldn’t hope to keep up with the van. By the time the vehicle crested the hilltop, the frankensteins had vanished into the night.

She was just about to allow herself to breathe a little easier when the radio came alive. “King, this is Roadrunner.”

‘Roadrunner’ was the callsign for Bellows, the man that had been left back at the gate. If he was calling in, it couldn’t be good news.

King didn’t reply, and after another half a minute, the voice repeated, but again the only answer was silence. Zelda glanced sidelong at the man in the passenger’s seat. “You gonna take that call?”

He was staring straight ahead, but after a moment seemed to realize that she was addressing him. He turned and shook his head. “I can’t hear you!”

His shout was loud enough to make her wince, and she could tell from his excessive volume that he wasn’t kidding. She craned her head around and saw Tremblay and Somers both scanning the darkness, oblivious to the radio message or anything that had been said.

She keyed her transmitter. “Roadrunner, this is Legend. Send your traffic for King.”

“Legend, be advised that two five-ton trucks just rolled past me, headed your way. If I had to guess, I’d say they’re military.”

Before Zelda could respond, the distorted voice of the mysterious Deep Blue broke in. “That’s affirmative. I’m now monitoring their army radio net. Rainer must have tipped them off. They’ve dispatched a company of infantry soldiers to investigate.”

Christ. It never rains… In her mind’s eye, she saw the trucks with their big wheels rolling effortlessly over obstacles that had slowed the van to a near crawl. There were no other roads, no places to turn off and let them pass. If they stayed on the road, they would run headlong into the army trucks. She’d dealt with the Burmese military a few times in the course of her posting here, and she knew that if they were caught, the best they could hope for would be a swift death. The alternative was an indefinite stay in Myanmar’s infamous Insein prison—the


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