Object-Oriented JavaScript Second Edition by Unknown

Object-Oriented JavaScript Second Edition by Unknown

Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Packt Publishing

Previously, toString() only returned this.name. Now, in addition to that, there is a check to see whether this.constructor.uber exists and, if it does, call its toString() first. this.constructor is the function itself, and this.constructor.uber points to the parent's prototype. The result is that when you call toString() for a Triangle instance, all toString() methods up the prototype chain are called:

>var my = new Triangle(5, 10); >my.toString(); "Shape, 2D shape, Triangle"

The name of the property uber could've been "superclass" but this would suggest that JavaScript has classes. Ideally it could've been "super" (as in Java), but "super" is a reserved word in JavaScript. The German word "über" suggested by Douglass Crockford, means more or less the same as "super" and, you have to admit, it sounds uber-cool.


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