Necroscope: Avengers: E-Branch III by Brian Lumley

Necroscope: Avengers: E-Branch III by Brian Lumley

Author:Brian Lumley [Brian Lumley]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Horror, Fiction, Horror fiction, Vampires, Occult & Supernatural, Keogh; Harry (Fictitious character)
ISBN: 9780812570199
Publisher: Macmillan
Published: 2002-05-02T04:00:00+00:00

'I'm talking about those people on the Evening Star,'

Jake answered. 'What about them? They must have had shots. Yet they became victims, and it doesn't seem to have affected Malinari or Vavara one little bit!'

'Oh, that!' Liz said. 'Well, Ben asked the Minister Responsible the same question. It seems that Porton Down didn't have the capacity to manufacture enough of the antidote for the entire population, so they tendered it out to other manufacturers. And of course it was all done in a big hurry. Also, a decision was taken to only inoculate people who were entering or leaving the country. If you remember, that's what the Australians did, too, at ports and airports, et cetera.'

'I remember.' Jake nodded. 'So?'

'The Evening Star cruise was a package holiday,' Liz went on. 'All the passengers had flown out from Heathrow, where they were given their shots, to Limassol where they boarded the ship. But... certain batches of the plague antidote were defective! They were harmless enough to the people who got them, but they just didn't work. And the Heathrow batch was one of them.'

She had begun to unbutton his shirt again, but Jake wasn' t hap py with this as yet. 'Okay,' he said, 'but the crew of that ship weren't all Brits.'

'No,' Liz answered, 'but Trask speculates that just as you would be turned off by the smell of rotten food, so might vampires be able to detect inedible people. He also said something about pheromones: that Malinari and Vavara would probably feel repulsed by people who weren't

"right" for them.' She had finished unbuttoning his shirt and was shr ug ging out of her own.

'Pheromones,' said Jake, looking at her ample breasts, her delicious, stiffened brown nipples only inches from his hands, his chest, his mouth. 'Well, I don't know about vampire pheromones, but right now mine are working overtime!'

'Mine, too,' Liz answered. And:

'The blood that's good still has its blue hue,' Jake said, ready now to believe it. 'Moreover, the vassal is locked in my castle.'

'What?' Liz said, turning back the covers.

'Noth ing,' he said huskily, ridding himself of his clothes and trying to reach for her all at the same time. And a moment later when they were both naked and she opened her arms to him between the sheets, everything else was forgotten as they came together lik e h uman magnets, but warm flesh as opposed to cold steel.

Then, riding that wildest ride, they lusted and loved, and lusted again, deep into the night. There was little or no foreplay and there were very few words, only sounds of endearment. For when bodies and minds join like that, the se nsatio n itself is joyous beyond any such requirements...



Several rooms and many walls away from Liz and Jake, Ben Trask was preparing for bed. As he left t he b athroom and entered the bedroom, Millie sat up straight in bed and said, 'Ben, there's something I'd like to tell you - a situation - but first you must promise not to do anything abo ut it.


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