Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters by Abigail Shrier

Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters by Abigail Shrier

Author:Abigail Shrier [Shrier, Abigail]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Regnery Publishing
Published: 2020-06-30T04:00:00+00:00

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One interesting feature of Blanchard’s typology is that it completely omits the current crop of teenage girls with no history of gender dysphoria—now the largest group of patients at most clinics in America, Canada, England, and Scandinavia. “Autogynephilia” is an exclusively male phenomenon; researchers have never studied (or even discovered) women who claim to be turned on by the image of themselves as men. And most of the adolescent girls currently identifying as transgender had no history of childhood gender dysphoria.

In fact, Blanchard does not believe the adolescent girls who suddenly identify as trans in adolescence necessarily have gender dysphoria at all. He believes they are likely a mixed bag of at least three groups: (1) some kids who are going to be transgender no matter what therapy they’re given; (2) kids who would naturally have outgrown their dysphoria on their own and proceeded to live as gay adults; and (3) “some contingent of teenage girls who just have borderline personality disorders and who have a kind of faux gender dysphoria, which they have identified as the locus of their unhappiness.”

Blanchard emphasizes that in the entire diagnostic history of gender dysphoria—dating back to the 1910s—there is no record of genuine transsexualism or well-established syndromes of gender dysphoria ever passing from one person to another. “People developed gender dysphoria in isolation from models.” They didn’t need prompting from a friend, a school assembly, or a YouTube influencer to realize their dysphoria; it simply was.

This is a view of trans-identified teenage girls that never fails to infuriate trans activists—much to Blanchard’s surprise. “The activists could have gone the route of saying, ‘Yeah, there might be some young people who falsely think that they are gender dysphoric, but that’s got nothing to do with those of us who are truly gender dysphoric.’ But for some reason, they felt the need to circle the wagons.”

Although he has watched trans activists grow increasingly powerful and persuasive in the past decades, he does not fault them for it. “Trans activists do this kind of lobbying. I mean, they’re activists, that’s what activists do. They try to get as much as they can of their demands.” What astonishes him is the members of his own profession. “That’s where I’m always saying to my colleagues, yeah, yeah, that’s what patients say. That’s what patients do. What’s wrong with us?”

Like Dr. Blanchard, after spending much of his career studying transsexualism and gender dysphoria, Dr. Michael Bailey has arrived at the conclusion that the current trans-identifying teenage girls are not suffering actual gender dysphoria. Their distress rests instead on the false beliefs that they are like transgender people of the past. “It’s a mistaken identity,” he said.

Dr. Bailey believes that for these teenage girls gender dysphoria is a hysteria much like multiple personality disorder, another historical example of disturbed young women convincing themselves they possess an ailment and then manifesting the symptoms.9

For academic psychologists like Dr. Bailey, the entire issue of gender dysphoria ought to be a matter of evidence.


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