His Highness the Duke by Pillow Michelle M

His Highness the Duke by Pillow Michelle M

Author:Pillow, Michelle M. [Pillow, Michelle M.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: space ship, shapeshifter, arranged marriage, paranormal, Dragon Lords 5, Romance, supernatural, dragon shifter
ISBN: 9781469924830
Google: IsQ0LgEACAAJ
Amazon: B006WP6RWC
Goodreads: 13412430
Publisher: Createspace
Published: 2012-01-11T07:00:00+00:00

"What did you hear?"

"I hope I‘m doing the right thing."

"What did you hear, Aeron?" he repeated, more insistent.

"The Federation insisted I do not get involved, but please understand I couldn‘t just say nothing and let something happen. I had to warn you."

"Aeron, tell me."

"A race of aliens called the Tyoe plan to attack your planet and set up a mining colony."

"I have not heard of these Tyoe. Why would they wish to attack us?"

"They‘re technologically advanced," she said. "They have mining bases all over the galaxy. It is my belief that the Federation thinks they‘re coming here might have great benefit as their technology could mine the ore faster than," she paused, not wanting to insult him, "than your older techniques."

"How do you know what our techniques are? We do not share them with outsiders."

"Well, I don‘t, I‘m just saying with the way you live, it would be natural to assume you don‘t have the same kind of technology a race like the Tyoe would have."

He considered her words for a long moment. Then, carefully, he reasoned, "You could have forwarded a transmission to tell us this. Your being here can only mean the gods compelled you to come to me. There is a reason you were the one to hear the transmission. There is a reason you came to this planet. We were meant to find each other."

Was this man completely daft? Or did he just have marriage on the brain? "The Federation monitors my communications and it was doubtful, should I even find a secure line to tell you, that you would listen to a complete stranger on the wavelengths.

I had to come."

"Did you try to contact us over the wavelengths?"

"Well, no, but—"

"You were compelled to come here. The gods willed it."


"No, you‘re not listening. I was compelled, yes, but not to be a wife. You don‘t understand. I have my reasons for having to warn you and they have nothing to do with marriage."

"Then tell me. What other reasons have you?"

"It‘s…" Aeron thought of her dead family, of her destroyed home world. She didn‘t like talking about it. Her reasons had no bearing on the outcome of her information. "It‘s personal."

"Why are you fighting this?" Frustration seeped out of him.

"Why are you refusing to listen? What I‘m telling you is a real danger to your people and your planet, but all you want to talk about is marriage and…" Aeron frowned. "Perhaps I was mistaken. You are not the person I need to discuss this with. I need to speak to the king, or whoever is in charge of the mines. Who is in charge of the mines?"

"My brother, Mirek."

"Take me to Mirek," she said. "If you don‘t, I will find him myself."

"I assure you I heard everything you said and will do what must be done to ensure the safety of my people. That duty does not negate the fact that we need to get this marriage settled. In fact, settling this marriage is the first step in my doing anything about this attack.


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