Facets of April by Erik Schubach

Facets of April by Erik Schubach

Author:Erik Schubach [Schubach, Erik]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Erik Schubach
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter 12 – GYSP

I woke up in a familiar way and refused to panic this time. It was a Medi-Pod, but not mine.

When the clear shell retracted I glanced around, trying not to hyperventilate. I was in a strange hospital room that had multiple Medi-Pods with people in them who were restrained. I quickly sat up, finding I was not similarly restrained. I turned to a familiar voice beside me.

“And she's back.”

A couple people in medical garb turned and came over at Adya's words. I almost panicked, looking from my healed arm to the errant hacker sitting in a chair beside the pod. But she quickly reassured me, patting my arm, “Good thing that blade gave such a shallow cut, any deeper and it could have hit something vital, April.” She was prompting with her eyes to pick up the narrative.

“Umm... yeah. Lucky.”

The medical personnel, who happened to have badges hanging on chains around their necks with IDs, stopped at my other side and started getting readings from the pod. The woman asking, “How are you feeling now, dear? You went into shock from that nasty cut from the attack.”

The man was signaling someone in his AR as the woman said, “All your vitals are strong and the cut looks to have healed nicely, no scarring. We sort of specialize in knife wounds here so are well equipped to handle them.”

I looked between them. “Where is here?”

Adya responded as she pinged me and I Framed in, “GYSP Plaza Downtown. They brought you to the med station attached to the holding jail. After they got done questioning me and reviewing the bank security footage in the alley, I insisted they bring me here.”

In AR she was text to speeching me, “Don't react since you don't have your VR gear on. They have the whole attack on video, and that's the only reason they aren't pressing charges for hacking their secure door's military-grade security. And that's keeping the scrutiny off of you right now. That Hisamatsu woman had some sort of jammer that garbled the audio.”

Her eyes were on my arm and I understood. It was all I could do to stop from freaking out again at the memory of my tendons and bones. Had I really seen that, or had it been the drugs from the dart finally kicking in? Over an hour later... ok, not plausible but I was in denial.

The female police medic was asking, “Do you remember what happened, dear?”

I nodded and said in a voice I was proud didn't waver, “In excruciating detail.”

She patted my arm. “Good. Sometimes traumatic events can make things a little fuzzy.”

Then I groaned when another officer came in with Agents Smith and Jones in tow. The newcomer said as he reached us, “Miss Yale. I'm Commander Lopez, and these are Agents Winchester and Colt from the Citizen's Protection Bureau.”

Smith inclined his head. “Miss Yale.”

I rolled my eyes. “Winchester and Colt huh? Do you two like, have a book of lame naming for


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