ESP32 HOME AUTOMATION WITH ARDUINO: Building a Smart Home with ESP32, Arduino, FreeRTOS, and Twilio SMS Messaging Real-Time Notifications for Your Smart Home by Janani Selvam

ESP32 HOME AUTOMATION WITH ARDUINO: Building a Smart Home with ESP32, Arduino, FreeRTOS, and Twilio SMS Messaging Real-Time Notifications for Your Smart Home by Janani Selvam

Author:Janani Selvam [Selvam, Janani]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2023-10-19T00:00:00+00:00


Hello, welcome back to another project. Now in this project, I am going to introduce my newly designed fully SMT component using 2-channel remotely and manually controlled home automation PCB. I have also made an 8-channel SMT home automation PCB, a 4-channel SMT Home automation PCB, and also a TMT component used home automation PCB. Now in this project, I will show you a 2-channel fully SMT component using another home automation PCB. This home automation PCB is very small in size and compact, which can easily fit in your electrical switchboards. This PCB has an inbuilt OTA button, that is, you can update the code wirelessly over the air. There are 2 onboard LEDs which you could use according to your need, like testing your code or something else. In my case, I have used it as a Wi-Fi indicator, that is, if a Wi-Fi connection is available, then both the LEDs will glow as only a single LED will glow. By using this PCB, I will make a small home automation system that is an Internet and manually controlled home automation system using the BlinkIoT cloud platform. In this home automation system, we can control our home appliances using the Blink smartphone application from anywhere in this world. Apart from this, we can also control our home appliances through manual switch buttons that we generally use in our homes, and we can also monitor the real-time status on the Blink smartphone. Also, this PCB is compatible with all the smart speakers available in the market like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple series. During the project, I will explain the circuitry of this home automation system, how we can connect our home appliances to this PCB, and also I will let you know how to flash the code. So let's get into this project. JLC PCB is a fast electronic manufacturing company. JLC PCB SMT services fulfill customers' money and time-saving needs. Customers enjoy low-cost, high-quality, and fast assembly services at $8 setup fees. At the same time, they assemble electronic products from PCB design to PCB assembly production on the same online platform. JLC PCB provides a one-stop service from PCB design and PCB prototype to PCB assembly. And you can track their electronic manufacturing process in real-time. JLC PCB takes 24-hour SMT build time and provides the fastest delivery. Get your PCB assembly product in one week from ordering, power sourcing, assembly, and PCB assembly prototyping. Thousands of components supported by JLC PCB and its reliable component partners like Digikey and Mouser 2000. In-stock components available in the JLC PCB SMT parts library. This benefits customers to source components much faster and easier, bringing you a shorter PCB assembly production time. JLC PCB provides free PCB design software, cheap PCB prototypes, fast and low-cost SMT services, saving your electronic product cost. With 16 years of PCB manufacturing experience, JLC PCB also establishes a well-trended engineer and customer support team devoted to ensuring PCB assembly services are faster and cheaper.


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