Close to the wind by Goss Pete

Close to the wind by Goss Pete

Author:Goss, Pete
Language: eng
Format: epub, pdf
Tags: Vendee Globe (Yacht race), Large type books
Publisher: Thorndike, Me. : G.K. Hall
Published: 1999-11-15T00:00:00+00:00

the food and it had been flooded. I decided to do nothing but drink sweet tea for four days in order to shrink my stomach — a Rolo would feel like a banquet after that. Without any weather information I would be forced to follow the shortest route to the finish. Losing the radio was a bigger blow than losing the food — I would undoubtedly give away many of those hard-earned miles in the fickle conditions of the eastern seaboard.

I plotted the race positions to find that, thanks to fannying about bailing out the aft compartment, I had already lost a lot to Giovanni. I was determined to stay in contention. We were second in class and third overall, and if I was lucky we might just hold on to it. I got back to the job and started to feel hungrier by the hour as my body began to recover from the storm. I think the first forty-eight hours were the worst for hunger pangs, after that I just felt permanently washed out as I tried to work the boat as hard as I could. The wind died away that night, the positions showed that the leaders were slipping away and the pack behind was closing in. It was very demoralising: I was piss-wet through, cold and starving.

During the night the wind picked up from the east. I hoisted the spinnaker and we started to make excellent speed. If I pushed the boat hard enough I might just break out of the limbo I was in and join the front runners again. It was shit or bust and I wasn't going to back off for


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