Chinese Myths and Legends by Fu Shelley.;Yee Patrick.;

Chinese Myths and Legends by Fu Shelley.;Yee Patrick.;

Author:Fu, Shelley.;Yee, Patrick.;
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Lightning Source Inc. (Tier 3)
Published: 2018-03-21T16:00:00+00:00

Part 9: Buddha’s Way

As time passed, Hsuan Zhang did indeed have to use the cap spell on Shun Wu Koong many times during their long journey. But it was as Shun Wu Koong had predicted. Hsuan Zhang needed it less and less. Shun Wu Koong gradually learned the qualities of gentleness and kindness. He slowly learned not to be vain or needlessly cruel. And these lessons he learned through experience, with his heart and not just his head.

Now, whenever the travelers were threatened or witnessed evil, Shun Wu Koong used his power to imprison the evildoers or compel them to do some good deed in the name of Buddha instead of killing them. For his part, Hsuan Zhang gently tried to teach these wrongdoers the righteousness of Buddha’s way. Many of them thought about their pasts and repented of their ways in much the same way Shun Wu Koong had while he was trapped in Wu Shin Mountain. In this way, the two disciples of Buddha set many on the path to enlightenment.

They finally reached India, where they retrieved many scrolls of Buddha’s Scriptures before beginning the long trip back. They had countless adventures, meeting fairies, monsters, and many other extraordinary mortals and immortals. It would take up an entire book by itself to tell of all they encountered.

One day, the travelers neared the spot where Wu Shin Mountain had originally been located. It was 17 years since their fateful meeting. Instead of becoming more familiar, however, the landscape became increasingly unearthly. The trees, grass, and flowers shimmered with a strange, beautiful light. Within a few days, the travelers reached a compound of many buildings with yellow eaves that shone like topazes in the sunlight. Shun Wu Koong realized that they had reached Buddha’s palace.


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