Callum by Sawyer Bennett

Callum by Sawyer Bennett

Author:Sawyer Bennett [Bennett, Sawyer]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction
Publisher: Big Dog Books, LLC
Published: 2024-02-07T14:00:00+00:00



The morning sun casts a soft glow across the interior of my office. It’s July 1, the opening day of free agency. Our technology team has spent the last few days outfitting many of the executive offices with shared digital screens, along with the large SMART Board in the conference room where the other coaches and scouts are congregated. Everyone has a landline phone, but cell phones are being used. Dozens of calls are ongoing at any given time and as information is received, it is entered into a shared database that some tech wizard built for the Titans so everyone can see it in real time.

My heart thunders as I prepare to make a bold move to secure the league’s best center, Penn Navarro, for the Pittsburgh Titans. I have a few moments before the crazy begins and I settle back in my plush leather chair, trying some deep breathing to calm myself. My office boasts a blend of modern functionality and subtle nods to my past. The room is bathed in natural light, courtesy of the expansive windows that frame the breathtaking river and city views beyond. My desk, a stately piece of polished walnut, anchors the space. In this modern tech age, my desk isn’t covered with piles of paper or binders of information. Instead, I have three screens, two tablets and my laptop, where I have all the scouting reports, player profiles and salary information I need displayed right at eye level.

A bookshelf sits against one wall, housing a collection of hockey memorabilia I’ve picked up over the years, most of it from my alma mater. A mahogany-framed mirror, adorned with a Titans logo, hangs opposite my desk, reflecting the room’s colors. Soft shades of gray and black dominate the décor, complemented by steel accents that pay homage to Pittsburgh’s industrial heritage. A painting of the Titans’ arena at sunset occupies a prominent spot on another wall, flanked by my framed sports management degree.

As I take it all in, the artifacts and mementos that fill my office serve as a testament to the passion, dedication and ambition that drive me. I hope that commitment pays off today because we’re getting ready to make a huge leap into the next generation of Titans hockey.

My office is large enough to accommodate a small conference room table. Around it sits my team, including our cap specialist, Sarah Wainright, who will monitor monies in and out as we start making our chess-like moves. Beside her is Mark Sinnett, our head scout, who will manage our draft pick potentials and lastly, assistant GM Lane Bakerton who’s ready to work trades with other teams. Brienne is in her office but only for moral support. She’s given me full autonomy to do my job and that’s both reassuring and terrifying.

Penn Navarro, currently with the Florida Spartans who just missed out on the Cup championship this year, is our prime target. This only became solidified last night when Coen Highsmith made the final decision to accept an offer from the Vipers so Tillie could have her shot in New York.


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