Bulletproof by Maggie Cummings

Bulletproof by Maggie Cummings

Author:Maggie Cummings [Cummings, Maggie]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781635557701
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
Published: 2020-09-25T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter Seventeen

It’s dead here.

Dylan sent the text to Briana as she swiveled in her chair to look around at the empty plant. She knew Briana was busy with her family and didn’t expect an immediate response, but she was happy when one came.

When will you get to your mom’s?

Nieves wants the phones monitored until 12, just to be sure there’s no makeup session this am.

Last night had been a complete bust.

All week the three stooges had talked on the phone about a Wednesday night meeting at the Wine Bar to discuss business before the holiday weekend. The team was amped. Dylan and Trish were ready to use their gift certificate, backed by the excuse of treating themselves to a pre-Thanksgiving night out. They figured it was totally plausible a couple might want a date night before a weekend traditionally loaded with family. But then in the eleventh hour, just before they were set to head to the Wine Bar, Paul called off the meeting with Benji and George, citing a last-minute family emergency. Something about having to pick up his wife’s cousin from the airport.

With the undercover mission aborted, the team went for drinks together to pay tribute to each other and months of hard work. Even though Dylan had only been with the investigation for part of that time, she felt like an integral part of the family.

When Briana showed, Dylan knew it was to see her.

Despite not being able to really be together, they still connected. Dylan stole glances, and her fingertips tingled when she discreetly touched Briana’s back. She knew Briana could feel it. Even apart they were fire. The only problem was that Trish wanted to stay in character with Dylan. Even though it was just for a laugh, Dylan wanted no part of it. But the guys played along with Trish, yukking it up and making jokes. Dylan’s spirit sank when she registered Briana’s anguish over the farce. The problem was she felt powerless to nix it completely without making it a huge deal. Instead she downplayed it as much as possible and hoped her good intentions counted for something. There was no way to know really because when Briana left early to catch the Long Island Railroad to her parents’ house, there was no opportunity for a personal good-bye of any kind.

It’s almost 12. Briana’s message came through with a series of celebratory emojis and one heart. I can’t wait to see you. Rush through dinner with your family, please. LOL.

Briana missed her. She could tell. Or maybe that was her own emotion she was tapping into so strongly right now. Less than twenty-four hours had passed, but she couldn’t wait to see Briana. She almost wished she could bypass Cynthia and Kevin altogether.

I’ll hurry, she typed back, knowing it was the truth.

Earlier in the week she and Briana had made a plan to travel back from their respective Thanksgiving dinners together, after everyone had put in ample face time with their relatives. At


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