Breathe: Tangled Vines by James Delta

Breathe: Tangled Vines by James Delta

Author:James, Delta
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2021-06-16T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 7

There was a discreet knock on the cabin door. Having just finished with her, Ethan rolled off Marissa and sat up on the bed. His mate still held a sense of disquiet, though it had greatly diminished since he’d taken her after the punishment.


Ethan pulled the sheet over Marissa, who’d turned away from him—he would need to work on that—but kept his hand on her, stroking to soothe and support her tumultuous emotions.

“Come,” he commanded.

The door cracked open. “We’re making our final approach. It should be a smooth landing, but you might want to take a seat and buckle up.”

“Thank you. Give us a minute. My mate needs to get dressed.”

“Yes, Alpha. We’ll circle until you let us know you’re settled.”

“Thank you.” He turned to Marissa and leaned down to kiss her exposed shoulder. “If you like, you can get dressed. If you’re feeling up to it, you can walk with me. If not, I can carry you.”

“Am I supposed to be grateful that you’re giving me a choice as opposed to just hoisting me naked over your shoulder?”

He grinned and brushed his lips against hers as he searched her face. Ethan understood her well enough to know that although she was upset and angry, she was having to work hard to keep from giving over once and for all. There was a kind of languid, blissed out look on her face, her hair was a sexy tousle, and her lips were bruised and swollen from his kisses. He was responsible for that—all of it—from the well sated mate to the woman who was afraid to embrace what they both knew to be true. He counseled himself to exert patience and give her as much time as he could.

“You might want to improve your attitude with me. I have no problem wrapping you in a sheet, buckling you into the seat for landing, tossing you over my shoulder, and carrying you up to the house. If you’re not careful, I’ll rewarm your backside so that it shows plenty of color. Is that what you’d prefer?”

“No. I’ll get dressed and walk if it kills me, you sadistic sonofabitch.”

Ethan chuckled. “Sadistic? Not really, and my mother was human. Watch your language. I have plans for your mouth and they don’t include soap, but that can change. And if I decide that you would be better off carried than walking, I will carry you.”

“You do realize you’re guilty of kidnapping, don’t you?”

He nodded. “Perhaps from your current point of view. But I assure you our kind has a long and storied history of alpha wolves bringing their fated mates to heel kicking and snarling the whole way. In the end, you will give over to me once and for all and we will be happy.”

“I’m not one of you…”

“Yet. Get dressed, Marissa.”

“You would turn me without my consent?”

“That is a discussion for a later time. Do you want to get dressed or not?”

Marissa’s face showed her shock and dismay. Ethan rumbled to her soothingly, but when he went to stroke her, she batted his hand away.


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