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9 Some Pain, More Gain why we can learn more when we make mistakes. . . . I learn from my mistakes. It’s a very painful way to learn, but ...
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6. Follow Your Nose Use odors to form a specific association with a place. Prepare five scent canisters labeled 1 to 5 (see Making a Scent Canister ). At some ...
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31 Ben Eleven Months Before “Honey, it’s so great to see you.” I stood in the lobby at Lilac Manor, embracing my mom. She’d come downstairs all on her own ...
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* * * My first memory is ready. The guy before me finishes telling of how his favourite sweater was lost by being buried in the sand at Lake Huron ...
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Eyewitness Testimony: Malleability of Memory Eyewitness testimony is generally treated as a compelling basis for conviction in court cases. As described above, however, emotion-provoking events can result in false memory ...
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PFC exercise: No smartphone Try to go for a day – or if you can’t face that, half a day – without your smartphone, or at least without Whatsapp, Snapchat, ...
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Then, following the statement is a picture of the phoenix bird burning, transforming, and rising from the ashes. For wanting to feel healthy and whole, you would add a picture ...
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Fight for your personal happiness. The same way some people fight for their freedom, the same way you should fight for your happiness. If life does not hand it to ...
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#27 Understanding that your symptoms are due to MBS will give you more confidence in turning them around. As you reduce fear, you turn down the danger signals. Then you ...
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Success Image Hack One tool to keep focused and positive is the Success Image Technique. This is similar to the idea of the happy place image (page 129), but instead ...
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67 cheek A woman with heavily rouged cheeks check Your check card, a lottery-winning check for more than a million dollars 68 chief A Native American chief with a feathered ...
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