Inner Child
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Here is Courtney’s thought cascade: Circumstances: I have to give my direct report negative feedback about compliance with our medical record policy. Thought: I hate to criticize people, because it ...
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9 Common Characteristics and Problems among the Various Brat Personae In the last chapter, you learned about the different ways the inner brat can reveal itself. Most people’s inner brats ...
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Trance Journey and Spirit Flight SHAMANISM IS DEFINED BY THE ability of the shaman to enter a trance state and travel in a body different from the physical one we ...
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The course today is largely attributable to Philip Mackenzie Ross, who was responsible for the resuscitation of Turnberry’s Ailsa Course after World War II. Alterations were made to the Ross ...
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THERAPIST: (to Mary’s Self) Can you find the part that the Old Lady is protecting from being rejected or laughed at—the part that feels so hurt when that happens? MARY: ...
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Internal Family Therapy So far, I have described using in-sight to change a single part’s role or change its relationship with the Self. Some of the most important work with ...
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Moving into the shadowy figure of Dad, Allison senses his response by looking from his eyes: Allison, I didn't know you because your mother never told me I had a ...
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Whether it knows you are there:__________ Whether it knows who you are:__________ As you begin to make contact with the Exile, let it know that you are here and are ...
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EXERCISE Walking Meditation In this exercise we use walking as a way to practice simplicity of attention. Normally when we walk, we are trying to get from one place to ...
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