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Socioeconomic Context An optimal example of a Great Recession situation affecting migrants can be found in Italy, in the Veneto region of Northeast Italy. The area is one of the ...
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Scenography: World Space The social world stage has a pertinent scenic historical background of planetary geography, of connectors and divides. Plains and rivers are connectors. The early high civilizations developed ...
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THE GENDERED CHILD By the time you are reading this, my daughter will have completed her first year of junior high school. Throughout her sixth-grade year, she has regaled my ...
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The ideal Deep Dating partner is someone who can admit her mistakes without blaming or making excuses. If I Could Change You ... Most people have a mental picture of ...
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Financial Major changes in regular income and debt can affect a person’s leisure in myriad ways. For example, a lucrative promotion or other major raise in salary at work might ...
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Conclusion In contemporary usage charisma has broken free from its specific theological and social scientific meanings to become a floating signifier, and that immediately implies the central relevance of charisma ...
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The Sorry Ballad of Heidi and Daniel Taking the issue of polygamy to any court in Utah is like taking the devil to court in hell. —Letter to The Salt ...
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Strategies aimed at the neo-liberalization of the state These strategies attempt to eliminate the qualitative difference and substantial contradictions between the state and the global market by changing the state ...
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Breaking the will The most challenging role for the more ‘intrusive’ parents, be they Catholic or Protestant, was passing on moral and religious values. For as long as most people ...
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“You’re Not a Whore if You’re Not Getting Paid for It”: Women Will Become More Sexually Secure But the good news for women is something Kirshenbaum also is seeing in ...
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