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As we age, our emotional resilience—that enigmatic X factor that’s helped Holocaust survivors go on to reclaim their lives, and those who’ve overcome earthquakes or even physical and emotional abuse ...
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Description of the Public Pension Systems in Korea Current Structure Korea has a multipillar income security system (Table 11.1). The national pension system is by far the largest pillar, covering ...
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Note 1.The selected set of performance indexes was considered sufficient. For specific purposes other indexes are used: information, Sortino, M2, etc. (see Węgrzyn [2006, pp. 53–62]). References Brzęczek, T. 2004. ...
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Table 3.1.8 Average amounts of individual current income, past individual income, household income, household savings, retirement allowances and pension benefits classified by number of changes of occupation (persons between 55 ...
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NEIGHBORHOOD AS A STRATEGY OF TRANSFORMATION The policy environment for neighborhood revitalization continued to move in neoliberalized directions in the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations. As the centerpiece of ...
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