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Textbox 4.4. Duties: Key Questions What are the moral obligations and responsibilities that are required of everyone (universal)? Am I (are we) following our moral obligations? Am I (are we) ...
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8. The Impact of the Korean War For President Truman, self-conscious about his role in history, the invasion of South Korea on June 25, 1950, was a landmark that would ...
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Acknowledgements We are very thankful for valuable comments on a previous version of the paper from the participants at the seminar at Centre for Advanced Security Theory (CAST), UCPH on ...
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Rumors Throughout the colonial period, the overwhelming majority of the Algerian population was illiterate, whether in French or in Arabic.22 Consequently, most of their communication was oral, and records of ...
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5. SADOPOPULISM ‘I hurt myself today to see if I still feel’ – TRENT REZNOR, ‘Hurt’ If you are English and in your fifties or early sixties, two things are ...
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