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14.Define, in words, the following fiscal concepts?(a) budget deficit (b)primary budget deficit (c)budget surplus (d)primary budget surplus 15.In words, explain the Government Intertemporal Budget Constraint. What is its purpose? How ...
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CHASING THE GROWTH MIRAGE If this is the right story, India should start to worry about what happens when those opportunities begin to run out. Unfortunately, just as we don’t ...
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Through a sequence of presidential appointments, regressives have also gained a slim majority on the Supreme Court. Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, along with Samuel Alito, John Roberts, and, all ...
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London Rebuilding Society A very different strategy is under development at the London Rebuilding Society (LRS), a community lender that focuses on financing for social enterprises and ethical businesses. As ...
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2COSA uses the SMART principles in the design of indicators to quantify and clarify sustainability information in smallholder agricultural systems in a manner that promotes the understanding of key environmental, ...
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• If markets are not competitive there are securities that are only traded by a small subset of the players. This implies that the network of players is not a ...
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* * * — I FIRST ENCOUNTERED this kind of unlikely teamwork when I started working at the Illinois State Capitol. I lobbied the legislature, government officials, and consultants of ...
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Synonymous to the notion of “generic structures,” the term “systems archetypes” was coined by Senge in 1990. What is puzzling, though, is why the two terms were created in the ...
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Henkel AG & Co KGaA (2019). https://​www.​henkel.​com/​sustainability/​positions/​impact-measurement-and-valuation#Tab-805422_​4. Accessed 28 Feb 2019 Huber GW, Gaffney AM, Jae J, Cheng YT (2012) Systems and processes for catalytic pyrolysis of biomass and hydrocarbonaceous ...
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In other words, if we want democracy to survive in an age of globalization, we must create new democratic institutions so that global affairs will be conducted “not by diplomats ...
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Schooling in rural Madhya Pradesh India spends 3.1 per cent of its GDP on schooling, which is in the middle range in Asia (UNDP, 2013, p. 162). Across the country, ...
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6.4Asset-Side Composition and Economic Growth Nexus 6.4.1Asset-Growth Nexus before the 2007–2008 Crisis As explained in the previous sections in terms of economic growth rate in the concerned countries, there were ...
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