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Carter’s anxiety over the feminization of society was an implicit rejection of both the CHC’s claims to authority as mothers and consumers and the idea that guns could be treated ...
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The Concept of Friendship in IR In this context Felix Berenskoetter (2007) has made an important contribution to our discipline with his concept of friendship in IR. I do agree ...
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While the reasoning in this particular speech lacks the subtlety and sophistication of its source, it is hard not to recognize in the words of the erstwhile Harvard Law Review ...
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The collective benefits for a group of businesses to reduce crime in their operating areas are clear and range from reduced insurance premiums through to the efficiency gains of sharing ...
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Index to Duets Duets for Two Women UPTEMPO DUETS Above the law (MM) Always something (MM) Amazing Mayzie (MM) America (MM) Apple doesn’t fall, The (MM) Behave yourself (MM) Bistro, ...
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Figure 5.1. The fan-shaped scar left by a landslide in a group of terraces in Biazone. Source: T. J. Puleo, 2007. Not surprisingly, the rate of landslides is much greater ...
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Chapter 13 The Child Soldiers of Portland There are few places on earth where political radicals and their children ritualistically burn the American flag and chant “Death to America”—Tehran, Baghdad, ...
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Robert P. George I AM GRATEFUL to Joseph Koterski and James Fleming for their comments on my paper. Father Koterski and I agree more than we disagree. Things are the ...
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Messianism The media defines those resisting the onslaught of enemies, whether at home or abroad, as actively mobilized against identity-based threats.3 From 2012 to 2014, the ‘counter-rhetoric of hysteria’, or ...
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