Forensic Psychology
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Chris Newton was a sick individual. No one could argue with that. He was also very dangerous. He is the only person on death row that I have come into ...
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“WE’LL FORM UP at three,” Larsen said after Friday rounds. “And walk the guys down to the parade.” “A parade?” I asked. “Santa’s coming,” Monabong said. “You have to have ...
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epub |eng | 2012-08-13 | Author:Albarus, Carmeta & Mack, Jonathan

Lee Boyd Malvo in the arms of his father, Leslie. Malvo on his bicycle. Malvo with his Aunt Marie, Uncle John, and cousins. He resided with the family on two ...
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epub |eng | 2012-03-08 | Author:Katherine Ramsland [Ramsland, Katherine]

1 Although the precise start of Theodore Robert Bundy's criminal career is unclear, he came to the attention of law enforcement as "Ted" in 1974. Several young women had been ...
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In situations in which a person has no memory at all of what happened, perhaps because of drink or drugs, they may be even more vulnerable to suggestions of their ...
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