Adolescent Psychology
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Summary Young children’s drawings manifest intellectual realism, meaning that children seem compelled to draw not just what they see but also the defining features of objects, such as the handle ...
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There are many different ways in which parents can be influential. In some circumstances parents may be the most effective sex educators, especially if they are open without being intrusive, ...
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A ‘big drinking’ male interviewee felt similarly: When I was younger it was very important, because it was sort of like being clean if you know what I mean. You ...
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How (To Cultivate It) The key is to set limits and to do so in a way that is highly attuned to the child’s feelings and perspective. Limit-setting is not ...
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* This chapter is adapted from Layton 1995 (copyright © 1995 by Johns Hopkins University Press and used by permission). 1Kaplan (1987, 1993) and Penley (1992) would fall under Ebert’s ...
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Hope Is a Good Thing Fortunately there is hope, because today’s children are no different from previous generations; only the world around them has altered. How do we raise our ...
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But Are the Kids All Right? I’ve already mentioned the rising rates of depression, anxiety, self-harm, and suicide among teens in recent years,81 as well as connections between online social ...
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Free Write Since young adults are exploring different ways to express themselves, free write is a great option since it allows the group to not only move in a more ...
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