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A Family Environment in Hospital While most women opted for hospital childbirth from the 1950s, they constantly sought to make conditions there more comfortable. From that time, as part of ...
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epub |eng | 2019-04-02 | Author:Jill Blakeway [Blakeway, Jill]

SPLEEN 6 Reach down to your inner ankle and find the bone that sticks out (it’s called the medial malleolus). Slide your finger three fingers’ breadth up from the center ...
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epub |eng | | Author:Kari Nixon & Lorenzo Servitje

9Hutchinson’s triad were believed to be the classic indication of hereditary syphilis. The Triad included peculiarly peg-shaped teeth, interstitial keratitis (an affliction of the corneas) and deafness. © The Author(s) ...
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epub |eng | 2013-02-15 | Author:Mary Shelley [Shelley, Mary]

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A Breast Cancer Fund poster, banned in San Francisco in January 2000.The superimposed mastectomy scar is that of the author’s friend Andrea Martin. 11 Doctoring Evidence You can observe a ...
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epub |eng | 2019-01-26 | Author:Heather M. Butts, Hugh Florenz Butts

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101 lier indomitable life-instinct—at a place where thesky was always aglow from burning human bodies;where life had so little value and security; where every-one yearned for death, this woman kept ...
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Trauma No one type of injury stands out from the others in ancient Greece. Both On Joints and Fractures attest to a variety of trauma that can occur in both ...
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Namu had died on July 6, 1966, after a year in captivity, before the August release of Namu, the Killer Whale (later re-released as Namu, My Best Friend). Director László ...
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Story 6.4: The Catholic gynecologist and his futile hope Christianity has strictly banned all forms of contraception since its very beginnings. The words in the first chapter of the Book ...
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Chapter Two Now in our investigation of the soul, if we are in doubt about those things of which we should gain clear knowledge as we proceed, it is necessary ...
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Chapter Eleven The phone rang. It was his answering service. They had been able to reach all bis patients except Anne Blake. Judd thanked the operator and hung up. So ...
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Part 11 Whoever studies and observes these things may be able to foresee most of the effects which will result from the changes of the seasons; and one ought to ...
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In 1970, 200,000 sterilization operations were performed in the US, and in 1980, more than 700,000 were performed, a disproportionate number of them on women of color. Additionally, a group ...
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9Similar references are available in the writings of other obstetricians: Nikolaos Alex. Petsales (1902) Peri tes ton Ymenon Episheseos. Symvole eis ten Aitiologian Auton (Athens: Estia), p. 16; Anna Katsigra ...
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