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Kane: Are you really pissed at me? I thought you were just fucking with me. I don’t reply. I’ve never not replied before. I want to make him sweat a ...
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15 Would Another Little Drink Do Us Any Harm? It is interesting that most of the human race has a reserve of the enzyme necessary to render alcohol harmless to ...
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* * * — There’s a detail in the history of the conquest, the story of how fewer than two hundred Spaniards subdued the Incan Empire, that has always intrigued ...
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Part 15 I cannot think in what manner they who advance this doctrine, and transfer Art from the cause I have described to hypothesis, will cure men according to the ...
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Medium-pressure LC (5–20 bar/75–300 psi) Low-pressure LC (<5 bar/75 psi) Flash chromatography (ca. 2 bar/30 psi) High-Performance Liquid Chromatography HPLC is gaining momentum as the most widespread instrumental technique ...
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Put the nuts in the jar and fill to the brim with water. Soak overnight on the counter or at room temperature. In the morning, drain and rinse the nuts ...
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7 The Holistic Hippocrates: ‘Treating the Patient, Not Just the Disease’ In this final chapter I want to look at the Hippocrates of today not through specific uses in news ...
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THE MARTIN Martlet, Martinet, or Window Swallow (Hirundo urbica, Linn.—L’Hirondelle à cul blanc, Buff.) Length about five inches and a half. Bill black; eyes dark hazel; inside of the mouth ...
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Of little children who are seized with this disease, the greater part die, provided the defluxion be copious and humid, for the veins being slender cannot admit the phlegm, owing ...
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MURRAY AND ANDERSON were well aware of the power of “newspaper language” both in maintaining national morale and in furthering their own ideals. Murray, in particular, always welcomed reporters and ...
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18.UK Parliamentary Archives (PA): House of Commons Kitchen Committee Records: HC/CL/CO/EA/2/2: Minute Books: 1901–1905. 19.Ibid. 20.DA: Acc 125/3: Buchanan’s Label Book: 1905. 21.PA: House of Commons Kitchen Committee Records: HC/CL/CO/EA/2/3: ...
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References Aristóteles [Rhet]. (1926). Art of Rethoric (J. H. Freese, Trans.). Cambridge, MA: Loeb Classical Library 193, Harvard Univ. Press. Avigad, J., Dean, E., & Mumma, J. (2009). A formal ...
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