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Nay, but this dotage of our Generals Ore-flowes the measure: those his goodly eyes That o’re the Files and Musters of the Warre, Haue glow’d like plated Mars: Now bend, ...
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Act III—Scene 2 Summary This short scene allows the audience once more into the private thoughts of the murderous couple, while holding the action momentarily in suspense. As the hired ...
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epub |eng | 1988-10-03 | Author:Posner, Richard A. [Posner, Richard A.]

21. Which it never is. Graham Bradshaw, Misrepresentations: Shakespeare and the l radical skepticism would cut the ground out from under the radical critic’s advocacy of social change. His own ...
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azw3 |eng | 2014-11-30 | Author:Nick Groom [Groom, Nick]

On the other hand, it was Eliot who said of Hamlet that it was “most certainly an artistic failure”, and who heralded his form of Modernism in “The Love Song ...
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The phrenologist further notes that the subject’s “Self-Esteem, Combativeness, and Destructiveness” will “be powerfully aided by Language, Wit, and Secretiveness.” Concluding his report, the article’s author, noting that “every reader ...
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The busy life of John Dee (1527–1608) – the most illustrious polymath of the period, but equally famous, and infamous, as a magus – provides an ideal ‘mirror’ wherein to ...
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Conclusion In overturning the law, Richard reveals to his audience the inadequacy of a legal solution. How can Clarence, Anne and Hastings plead law, how can Buckingham plead the contract ...
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[1] Preuss. Jahrbücher, February 1895. XII "HAMLET"—MONTAIGNE AND GIORDANO BRUNO—ANTECEDENTS IN ETHNOGRAPHY Along with motives from novel, drama, and history, impressions of a philosophical and quasi-scientific order went to the ...
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PRINCE HARRY: O pardon me, my liege! But for my tears, The moist impediments unto my speech, I had forestalled this dear and deep rebuke Ere you with grief had ...
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COMMENTARY MY FIRST MAIN PURPOSE in commentary will be to elucidate the text, which is likely to differ a good deal in the end from the received texts and will ...
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SIXTEEN Hugely Politic Nearly all of the sonnets from 121 to 125 are among the most declarative and confident in the entire sequence. The poet is seeking to prevail over ...
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the shrill-gorged lark Cannot be heard so far (iv. vi. 59) and finally paints a fantastic picture of a ridiculously grotesque devil that stood with Gloucester on the edge: As ...
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Harold Bloom’s book on the anxiety of influence argues that anxiety could take the form of turning against the chosen predecessor. In any case, it was Wordsworth who lived for ...
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