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9. Collective-Artists: Actors on the Margins of the Global Field of Contemporary Art Séverine Marguin1 (1)Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany Séverine Marguin Email: [email protected] In the sociological literature of the ...
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PHAEDRA ‘Tis well. But I, with all my thought, can but one way discover out of this calamity, that so I may secure my children’s honour, and find myself some ...
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"Are they, these men belonging to the Prince, of this neighbourhood?" asked Andrew, struck by a sudden idea, "or only passing through to their homes. What think you?" "How can ...
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Chapter Ten “I thought you were going to show me the inside first,” Amelia protested, as Ethan hurried her through the main hall and up the stairs of Bamburgh Castle. ...
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A relief on a sarcophagus in the Palazzo Mattei di Giove in Rome (Cat. 67 (Fig. 8.2)) gives us a not unfamiliar view of Polyphemus and Galatea, but also includes ...
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6.4 Integration, Inclusion and Exclusion and Their Limitations Despite some advantages in explaining inequalities, the dominant approaches to integration have several pitfalls. First, they implicitly assume and generalise a particular ...
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Gorbachev’s decision to replace the aged Gromyko with his colleague and confidant (edinomyshlennik) Shevardnadze was another signal of bold changes ahead.49 Had Gorbachev simply sought to “put his personal stamp” ...
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448:1 I adopt the Bombay reading. Section 193 "Sanjaya said, 'Beholding those feats of the Satwata hero, Duryodhana and others, filled with rage, quickly encompassed the grandson of Sini on ...
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Another Achilles After lurking out of sight for eight hundred lines, Odysseus reenters here, just in time to stop Neoptolemus from completely giving in to his better nature. A struggle ...
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(1.1b)(Miriam’s presence will mean that the party is not boring) ((1.1a)–(1.1b))’(People whose presence means that a party is not boring should be invited)(1.1b).1Miriam is a lively woman ((1.1b).1’)(Lively women prevent ...
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21 SIṂHIKĀ Now when her time came the Queen Vicitramālā, wife of Sukośala, gave birth to a son. The delivery was smooth and the baby bore all of the auspicious ...
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